How to Attract Women in Today’s World

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I believe that every man struggles to understand just what attracts women. Of course it doesn’t help that women give men mixed signals.

It doesn’t help that gender roles have become changed considerably in the last few decades. It’s very difficult for men to know what behavior is most appropriate in today’s world.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of solid suggestions at sites like like What Attracts Women. You can also do some investigation yourself.

One mistake people make is asking women what attracts them to men. For sure they’ll give you an answer, but if you look at who they go out with, he’s often very different than thetype of guy they said they’d be attracted to. When in doubt pay more attention to what they do than what they say. Their actions, not their theories, will give you an idea of what they are drawn to. The marketplace, that is, how people spend their money, is a good place to conduct some fieldwork. A trip to the local bookstore constitutes good field research. In the woman’s section, you’ll see a huge section of romance novels. If women weren’t buying that stuff, it wouldn’t be there. In the magazine section you’ll see a majority of female targeted magazines focused on home and family (and quite a number on weddings).

One conclusion you might draw is that women still have a central focus on home and family. They also respond to attraction triggers that have their origins in the distant past. This means that women are still attracted to men they perceive to be strong and competent. In the past, a man need to be strong to protect the family against physical dangers.

A man displays strength and leadership in a different fashion today than in the past. Today, it doesn’t require facing and overcoming physical challenges. Instead, social status has more significance, but simply having an air of self-assured confidence can become an attraction trigger.

Let’s not try to pretend that money can’t be a factor when it comes to attracting women . We’ve all seen pictures of ugly rich guys alongside by absolutely gorgeous woman. That didn’t happen because of their conversational ability.

While you want to appear confident, you definitely don’t want to be seen as bragging or trying to make yourself the center of attention. Trying too hard will work against you.

Being excellent at doing something increases your attractiveness to women. It’s especially helpful if other people admire what you do. Women see this as social proof of your desirability.

To sum it up, one of the best ways to trigger a woman’s attraction is to develop a solid sense of confidence and self-assuredness. You may not have those traits to the extent you might like right now, but they can be developed.

It’s possible that if you don’t feel completely self-confident(and who doesn’t feel a little insecure sometimes) you may be a little discouraged right now. You don’t need to be. For one thing, confidence is only one of the factors that attract woman. For another thing confidence can be learned.

Imagine this for a moment. What would it be like if you were able dramatically increase your ability to attract woman? How would you feel then? Can you imagine what would be like to be the kind of man who has the power and presence to easily attract high-quality women at will?

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I hope this information and the resources I’ve told you about helps you track the kind of relationships you want.

Expert-view: Vegetarianism and good health – no doubt about it!

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Dejan Kupnik, M.D.
Centre for Emergency Medicine – Prehospital Unit, Maribor/Slovenia, Europe
(certified Joga in Daily Life teacher)



Meat was always considered as an alpha and omega of nourishment but we know today, also according to some newer medical literature that rich vegetarian diets give the body everything it needs for its development and normal function.

Food products which contain a lot of fat (meat, sausages, whole-fat butter, sweets, whole-fat milk and milk products) are in a direct correlation with higher incidence of brain strokes, heart infarctions and intestinal cancer (colonic carcinoma). With that kind of food we receive a lot of saturated fat which progresses the atherosclerotic processes and can ultimately lead to heart and brain infarctions. There is also a close connection between eating meat and the development of colonic cancer. Why is that so? Such food passes through our gut very slowly because meat doesn’t contain any dietary fibre (complex sugars by structure) – which accelerates peristalsis and the passing of digested food. Slow passing of food through the gut gives more time to some agents (like added preservatives) to act on intestinal mucosa. We know that many of these agents are potential carcinogens which means that alone or in combination with other factors, they can cause the development of cancer. It has also been scientifically proven that in the process of frying meat a lot of carcinogenic agents are produced.

On the other hand, vegetarian food does not contain any saturated fats (except milk and milk products), but is very rich with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres. That is why such food is considered as a safety factor against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Dietary fibres are indigestible complex sugars by structure which bind water in the intestines and by that accelerate the passage of intestinal contents. This works against constipation and diverticulosis, it also helps in lowering the blood lipids (along with water, dietary fibres also bind cholesterol) and works as prevention against cancer – with the faster passage of intestinal contents the mentioned carcinogenic agents cannot not be in contact with intestinal mucosa for very long.

Vegetarian food contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and some of them (A, E, C vitamins and selenium) work as antioxidants – they help to slow down the progression of atherosclerotic processes, cancer development and the ageing process.

Complex sugars which can also be found in vegetarian diets do not cause high oscillations of blood sugar after meals (as simple sugars, found in refined kitchen sugar, sweets etc., do) and cause slower and more equalised release of insulin (one of the hormones which controls blood sugar levels).


Can vegetarian diets be dangerous?

Our every day diets should contain cereals, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits (also dried fruits), nuts, seeds and milk with milk products (low-fat for adults and whole-fat for children). The diets consisting of only fruits and vegetables do not offer enough essential nutrients needed for normal body function and are especially unsuitable for growing children.

It has never been proved by any bigger study that vegetarian life style can be considered as a risk to our health. On the contrary – well planned and rich vegetarian diets are suitable for all life stages, including pregnancy and lactation and are considered to provide normal development and function of the human body.


What about vitamin B12?

For long time it was considered that soya products like miso, tempeh, tamari, shoyu and some other algae products like nori alga contain enough of the B12 vitamin. But it was recently discovered that such products contain only so-called B12 analogs, chemical compounds that only chemically resemble the B12 vitamin but do not have any physiological effects on our body like the true B12. Sometimes these false B12 can even disturb the absorption of the true B12 vitamin in our gut. So what to do? We must take care to consume milk and its products. There is also some soya and cereal products enriched with true B12 vitamin and it was proven that consuming such products at least four times a week keeps body levels of B12 vitamin in the proper amounts needed for normal functioning of the body.

Do we have to eat fish?

Extremely important for the growth of a foetus are the so called omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids (especially for the development of the brain, the whole nervous system and retinas of the eyes). They can be found in fish products, but vegetarian future mothers can get omega 3 fatty acids by eating flax-seeds. It was proven that flax-seeds contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids which can (considering physiological reactions) equally compete with the fatty acids from the fish. The flax-seeds fatty acids also offer a good prevention against heart arrhythmias and help to slow down the progress of atherosclerotic processes.

Preparing vegetarian meals

The vegetables should not be over-cooked, 15 minutes of heat exposure is enough. By cooking the vegetables too long many of the vitamins – especially the C vitamin and the folic acid are destroyed. The later is also very important for the normal development of a foetus, especially of its nervous system.

To enable easier absorption of iron from the gut we can add some lemon juice to our vegetable and fruit salads and also to other dishes like soya and cereal stakes.

We should also not fry our food too much because this process is proven to be connected with a faster progression of atherosclerosis, heart/brain infarctions and the development of cancer.

To finish…

Rich and well planned vegetarian diets are the key to our health. Our life is not something we can buy on the market every day. It is a unique phenomenon – a one time opportunity in which we have to invest in, in order to get something good in return. In the light of these words, vegetarianism grants tremendous health improvements and preventative health care – both physically and mentally.

And don’t forget: in combination with gentle and smooth physical exercises like joga you can additionally contribute very much to your own health!



(This text is provided by tiskarna)

Alopecia sufferers may have a new drug to look forward to

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Males suffering from male pattern baldness also known as alopecia have been benefited greatly in the last couple of decades with new technologies and hair loss drugs that for the first time in history provably halt hair loss and re-grow hair. The three FDA approved medications which are also proven to halt hair loss and grow hair are: Propecia or finasteride, Rogaine or minoxidil and Avodart or dutasteride. Interestingly, all these medications were originally developed to treat other health conditions. Propecia and Avodart for BPH (prostate enlargement) and minoxidil to treat high blood pressure. Each of these new drugs, while in their testing phases, demonstrated an unexpected effect. They all grew new hair in men suffering from alopecia

Not long ago , a new drug has emerged that quite possibly could be the next in the line of drugs originally developed to treat other health disorders , but discovered to also grow hair. Bimatoprost is a drug that was developed to treat glaucoma. Bimatoprost to treat glaucoma was approved and is marketed as Lumigan. After extensive testing it was shown that Lumigan patients were also seeing an unintended effect of growing thicker and fuller eyelashes. Soon, bimatoprost was FDA approved to grow thicker and fuller eyelashes and is now marketed for that purpose as Latisse .

Latisse (bimatoprost) is a medication engineered from fatty acids created to bind to prostaglandin (PG) receptors. PG receptors are present in hair, particularly in the dermal papilla and outer root sheath of the hair follicle. Even though the precise way bimatoprost works is not known , it is believed to affect the growth of hair follicles by increasing the ratio of hairs in the growth phase of the hair cycle and increasing this phase. so , there is strong speculation that bimatoprost could be succesful in turning the fine, colorless vellus hair in the bald region of the scalp into normal, pigmented terminal hair.

The prostaglandin-analog Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Allergan’s Latisse, has been FDA-approved to increase eyelash growth. New research shows that scalp hair follicles contain prostaglandin receptors. Can Latisse Lumigan bimatoprost treat hair loss? Is it the new rogaine/minoxidil for people with scalp hair loss? Only time and additonal studies and testing will tell.

In spite of this, some men have decided to buy latisse and test it themselves on their balding scalps. Let it be said, that it is not advisable to utilize any drug for a purpose that it was not developed and tested for without first getting professional advice from you doctor . Lumigan or Latisse (bimatoprost), like most prescription drugs , does carry the risk of negative side effects. For example, Bimatoprost may produce a gradual increase in the amount of brown pigment in the iris, due to increased melanin content of the melanocytes. Users should stop taking Bimatoprost and get medical assistance if they experience any signs of an allergic reaction including experiencing redness, swelling, itching or pain in or around the eye, discharge from the eye, increased sensitivity to light or vision changes.

A reliable Internet site to check often for news and information about the latest hair loss medications is

G n L- girl with herpes

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“what do you mean Genital Herpes is a problem??” More improv performances from Grace and Luke filmed by le sook.

How to Reduce Your Intake of Purine Rich Foods

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Purine rich foods contribute to a painful type of arthritis called gout. The human body needs a small amount of purine, but it can cause problems if you consume it in excess amounts. Purine gets converted into uric acid. Uric acid that does not get removed from the blood stream normally gets expelled in urine. If the body does not process it properly, it converts to uric acid into urate crystals. Urate crystals build up in joints and cause the type of arthritis known as gout. A good way to avoid developing this painful condition is to reduce the amount of purine rich foods that you eat.

What is Gout? Gout is the result of too much uric acid that builds up in the body over a period of time.
The uric acid forms very sharp crystals that cluster around the joints causing the pain, inflammation
and tenderness associated with gout. Since gout is caused by the formation of uric acid crystals
that the body does not get rid of you need to know about some factors that might cause gout.

A major change in diet is an important, if not primary, natural medicine for gout. Gout is seriously aggravated by purine foods, and may even be the sole reason for the gout. Some purine foods include organ meat, meat gravy, stock, mussels, herring, anchovies, shellfish, sardines, asparagus, and mushrooms. White flour, spinach, cauliflower, dried beans, poultry, and sugar may also need to be avoided, being somewhat high in purine. Alcohol, especially beer, is very high in purines and must also be avoided, unless you can compensate with drinking much water along with the beverages to keep acid from building up in your system. Replace these foods with fruits, berries, vegetables, whole grains, and especially wheat grass.

As another effective treatment for gout, your doctor may suggest that you take anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal medicines. These medicines should be takes as soon as the symptoms start to relieve inflammation and pain. Occasionally, as another treatment for gout, strong painkillers may be prescribed. Corticosteroids could also be another effective treatment for gout. Your doctor may inject corticosteroids into your joints to ease the pain.

There isn’t an actual cure because the symptoms of gout are brought on by high blood levels of uric acid that crystallize and then form painful deposits in the joints. However, a healthy diet, combined with a healthy lifestyle and natural herbs that reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood, can make the symptoms of gout go away.

Bioflavonoids that occur naturally in mulberries have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Mulberries have been used to treat gout in China for centuries. The goal of all gout toe treatments is to improve the digestion and absorption of purines, improve the digestion of this chemical, and expel uric acid from the blood stream. One of the most effective all-natural products that achieves this goal is Goutezol. Additional information about this supplement derived from the mulberry tree can be found at Remember to check with your family doctor before beginning any gout toe treatment.

Looking to find info on Cause of Gout, then visit our site to find the best advice on Healthy Eating Tips for Healthy Living in 2005 for you.

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