Cure For Genital Warts – Difficult But Possible

November 1, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are scientifically called as Condyloma acuminate. These are generally found near the genital regions of human males and females. Genital Warts are caused by a virus named human papilloma virus or HPV. This infection is very contagious and can spread by touch too. This virus can affect the human of any age, not even children are spared. When a healthy person has a sexual contact with a person who is infected by the human papilloma virus, there is a 60 percent chance that the healthy person might contract the disease.
Usually the age group of 17-33 years is the high risk group as far as Genital Warts are concerned. Children contract this disease through non-sexual contact. But keeping in mind the increased frequency of child abuse, the presence of genital warts in children can be used as one of the indicators of the same. Of the 100 or so strains of human papilloma virus found in nature, 40 are potential causative agents of genital warts.
Prior to adopting a method of treatment for genital warts, the following points need to be taken into account:
1. The treatment’s side effects
2. The location, size, and number of warts
3. The doctor’s skills and qualification
4. The treatment’s cost, including the cost of medicines
5. The total number of treatments required
Some medication to be taken against genital warts can have adverse effects on the health of a pregnant woman or a mother breast feeding a baby. In case you belong to either category, take the advice of your physician and follow it stringently. When one goes to visit a doctor, the first thing he may do is to subject the patient to a detailed check-up and ask you to take some pathological tests. There are several methods to check for genital warts. One of the common ones is visual examination.
Visual examination is of essence here because the genital warts usually appear raised on the skin surface and can be picked up even by the naked eye. Unfortunately, no cure for genital warts can claim to eradicate the disease from its roots. Antibiotics are useless here as the trouble is being caused not by bacteria but by the human papilloma virus. Various treatments are available for genital warts. The treatment of genital warts would be a function of size, number and nature of the warts.
A simple and easy method to treat genital warts is by the Podophyllin resin method. The Podophyllin resin is a liquid brown in colour applied locally on the wart. It must be kept there for about 4 hours at most and then rinsed off with clean water. If the time period of application goes beyond the stated time, the chemical may begin to cause an itch. This can reach irritating and painful levels, too. This particular method of applying and removing Podophyllin resin is performed better by trained medical or paramedical staff.
Doctors may also recommend genital wart creams, lotions, or gels for the treatment of genital warts. These include Imiquimod, Polyphenon, and Fluorouracil. Wartrols genital warts cream is one of the many creams that are available in the market. This cream is generally applied by the person who is suffering with genital warts. Supposedly, this is one of the best creams for the treatment of genital warts. It is available in most medical shops and can also be bought online. Buying the genital wart creams, gels or lotions online has its advantages as you protect your privacy.
Genital warts creams are usually anti-viral drugs and are hence fraught with side effects. Carefully consider the various advantages and disadvantages of the treatment and proceed with it only if the ledger shows a positive balance. The usual instructions that are given by doctors regarding application of genital warts creams is to apply them thrice a week at bedtime. The cream has to be washed off in the morning. The treatment can continue for a few months.
Patients hoping for a speedier recovery can go for the modern and effective laser technology.


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