Cure HPV: Is There a Cure For HPV?

November 1, 2009 by admin 

There is no cure for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) despite what some drug companies may claim. However, while there may not be a cure, there are effective and safe ways to help the body naturally rid itself of the most common Sexually Transmitted Disease in America.
It’s true, the body will generally rid itself of the disease after a year or two. Although, while the body will naturally heal itself, millions of people use daily HPV supplements to not only improve their immune system, but also to help specifically target the disease using key, proven ingredients. As a result, those that use daily HPV supplements are generally able to suppress common HPV symptoms such as Genital Warts in addition to helping the body naturally rid itself of the disease more efficiently than waiting for the body to respond naturally.
Vaccines vs. Treatments
In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved a HPV vaccine which protects women against a majority of the HPV strains that lead to the development of cancer. A few years later, it was also shown that this vaccine could also help protect women against a variety of other cancers.
However, this vaccine is not a cure for HPV. There are still some strains of HPV which it does not protect against and it is currently only used for women. Unfortunately, men are also affected by HPV and currently do not have any means to protect themselves. Please note that if you are a woman and have received a HPV vaccine, you will still need to have regular PAP tests to ensure you are still healthy.
Treatments on the other hand, will not help protect you from developing the disease, but rather they will help you protect your body from the disease’s symptoms in addition to helping your body naturally rid itself of the virus. Furthermore, natural HPV treatments are often very affordable as they do not require a prescription, or a doctor’s visit.
However, you should consult with your health care provider prior to starting a daily supplement regiment especially if you are pregnant, are taking prescriptions medications, or have a diagnosed health condition. Although, the ingredients in all-natural HPV treatments are typically safe and do not produce any side effects.
The Immune System
Without a strong immune system, you are vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases and may have a hard time eliminating the virus from your body. This is why it is important that if you have HPV, that you follow a simple rule of thumb: eat better, exercise more and take a daily supplement.
Those able to improve their overall immune system in addition to using a daily supplement which contains ingredients that specifically target the HPV virus are generally able to experience a “cure” faster than those that simply wait for the disease to pass through their body. If you experience one of the common symptoms of HPV such as Genital Warts, there are also treatment options in addition to taking a HPV supplement such as having the warts frozen or burned off. However, removing these symptoms does not guarantee that the virus will be removed.


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