Curing Genital Warts

November 1, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are a sexually transmitted disease often passed through unprotected sex or even skin to skin exposure. Curing Genital Warts is not easy as the human papilloma virus (HPV) which causes these warts is not curable. While you can erase the appearance and symptoms of Genital Warts, you cannot completely cure them because the virus is always in your body and can reappear at any time. If you have genital warts, you likely have heard of all the treatment options available to you such as topical treatments, cryotherapy, electrocautery, surgery or even laser removal. However, did you know that with a proper diet and nutrition you could almost be curing genital warts for good?
Let’s say that you have gone through one of the above methods to erase warts from your genital area. Who is to say that these genital warts won’t return at some point and time since the virus that causes them is incurable? There are no guarantees although there is quite a bit of evidence that states nutrition and personal hygiene play huge roles in preventing the return of these annoying warts.
When you make poor diet and nutrition choices, this weakens the immune system opening yourself up to a variety of illnesses. That means if you have not had an outbreak of warts in a while, you can expect them to start popping up. However, by taking steps to get the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your body, you can essentially suppress those triggers that can kick start a wart outbreak. While not curing genital warts, this prolonged dormancy is almost like saying they are gone for good.
Overhauling your diet is the best way to ensure that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals naturally, even though supplements may also be needed. Curing genital warts through your diet is not quite an accurate assessment as HPV cannot be cured, but you can bet that a healthy diet will successfully suppress them.
Folic acid and beta carotene (Vitamins A and the Vitamin B family) are essential to a healthy diet and are great immune system boosters, just like Vitamin C. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, mangoes, colorful peppers, mangos and squash in addition to dark, leafy green vegetables like spinach. The antioxidants found in these foods also will help in curing genital warts by stifling HPV. In addition to nutritional measures in curing genital warts, be sure to always practice safe sex to avoid passing HPV to your partner and also to prevent you from being infected by a different strain of HPV.
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