Different Methods used in getting rid of warts

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Different methods used in getting rid of warts

Warts are very common problem not only among young people. It is caused by a strain of HPV, the symptoms are growth of nodules on the skin, and it is usually painless or sometimes may give some discomfort if it’s always pressed (i.e. on the sole of the foot).

The usual treatment used to treat common skin warts are Salicylic acid based, most of these are non-prescription medications and as a cream or gel preparation. However, new and more effective preparations are also available as OTC medication.

Salicylic Acid based patches, gel, drops, creams and pads:

Examples: Collomack, Duofilm, Scholl 40% w/w Disc, Wart-Off, Salacid

-Most common home treatment for warts.

-Causes less or no pain

-Inexpensive and safe treatment

-Works by softening the skin of the wart, which makes it easier to be rubbed off by a pumice stone or emery board. Also thought that through constant irritation of the wart, it can trigger immune response to fight HPV which causes the wart to appear.


- Avoid contact with unaffected skin. It can damage or irritate healthy skin.

- Don’t apply in moles, birthmarks or open wounds.

- Don’t use if you have any circulatory disorders.

- Stop the use of the medication for a few days if the area becomes too tender.

-  Use a stronger or different treatment if the warts are not removed after 3 months of use.

Freezing Methods

Examples: Wartner Verruca Remover, Bazuka Sub-Zero, Scholl Freeze: Verruca and wart remover

- It works by quickly freezing the wart or verruca, causing it to fall off, often within a couple of weeks or so of freezing, leaving normal skin underneath.

These treatments are based on the liquid nitrogen cryotherapy techniques used by doctors. However, the liquids within these aerosols and method of application is safe to use at home.

These over-the-counter Aerosol sprays freeze warts at a temperature of minus 70 F (minus 57 C).


- Method is uncomfortable and can sometimes be painful.

- Excessive freezing can cause permanent damage like scarring or cause damage to the nerves or tendons.

- Must be applied by an adult to children. But not suitable for children below 4 years old.

-Not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

-Not indicated for people with circulatory disorders.

- Do not apply on genital areas, face, skin of mucus membranes, armpits or breasts.

-Not to be used on moles, birthmarks or warts with hair growth on it.

-Not to be used together with other warts treatment.

-Be sure to consult your doctor before starting with the therapy and read the directions carefully.

-Aerosol spray content are highly Flammable.

Herbal Preparations:

There are also some herbs used to treat common warts like Black walnut, Bloodroot, Papaya and Aloe Gel. They are available as a tincture or in gel form.

However, not much studies had been done to see the efficacy of some of these herbal preparations. So it may or may not work in different cases. It still best if you will with your doctor before trying out any of these medications.

There are also other Natural methods that you can use at the comfort of your own home that can be used as cure for warts. To find out more you can click here.


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