Genital Hpv & Genital Warts â?? an Overview

November 1, 2009 by admin 

To put it plainly and simply, genital HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. And although itâ??s not transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids during sexual intercourse, it is transmitted through skin to skin contact. And when the warts are in or on your genital area, thereâ??s only a very few other ways that it can be transmitted. Hence the reason for it being classified as a sexually transmitted disease.

Thereâ??s also the little fact that the more contact you have with different sexual partners, the more likely it is that you will get genital HPV. In fact, studies conducted over the years have shown that approximately 18-20% of the population suffers from genital HPV and that number is growing yearly. Of this twenty percent of people though, only about 4% receive treatment.

This is because, that for the most part, people arenâ??t even aware that they have genital HPV since they might have no visible signs or symptoms of it. It could also be because some people might feel embarrassed to admit they have genital HPV and wonâ??t seek any medical attention. Then thereâ??s the case where people will treat themselves using natural home remedies and herbal cures.

If you have genital HPV and are looking to cure yourself, the one thing that I can tell you before you go any further is if youâ??re thinking about using any of the readily available over-the-counter treatments, then donâ??t. These are good for the other types of warts caused by the HPV infection, but for genital HPV itâ??s a strong and resolute no-no.

The skin around your genital area is very sensitive and these methods of curing genital HPV can be harsh. They can sting and burn, and they can irritate you unbearably. The one thing they wonâ??t do however is to cure and rid you of your warts. Other remedies, should also be used with care, and if in doubt as to whether it will be what you need you should consult with your physician beforehand.


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