Genital Warts are Only the Sign of Genital Hpv Infection

November 1, 2009 by admin 

To understand exactly what Genital Warts are, you must first understand where it all starts. To do this, we need to go back to its origins, better known as the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV for short. The human papilloma virus is one of the most common viral infections and is the leading cause of wart infections on the body. However, just because you have HPV infection, it does not mean that you will develop Genital Warts.

On the contrary, quite a lot of people who have the HPV infection do not go on to develop visible signs of warts. Genital Warts are only the sign and the symptom of genital HPV infection, it’s not the cause, and it’s not the condition. It’s a commonly mistaken fact that genital warts are the reason for a person to get HPV infection, just as it’s a commonly mistaken fact that by removing the warts, you’re cured of the whole infection.

You might be able to successfully remove the genital warts, but the HPV infection will live on in you until your body can fight it back. There is no cure for HPV infection. That’s why there’s such a high recurrence rate of genital warts, and that’s why some people will suffer throughout their lifetimes. When you’re removing the warts, you’re not curing the HPV infection, you’re only removing the visible signs of it.

However, as I can attest, there are many things that you can do to prevent genital warts from occurring, or reoccurring as the case may be, and in some instances a lifestyle change can lead to an eradication of the HPV infection from your system altogether. That unfortunately takes time, effort and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and not the fast lane, fast food, instant gratification life that we’re used to living.

Taking it down a notch, and taking the time to smell the roses can in fact work wonders for you, it’s not just a myth told to you by your mother. Good clean living, a healthy diet and a relaxed outlook on life can do what no wonder-drug ever could. That said, since I know just how difficult it is to achieve the goalof eliminating the HPV infection, or to even come close enough to look HPV infection in the eye, there are other treatment methods which are available to you if just don’t have the time, energy or the inclination to stop and smell the roses.


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