Genital Warts Concerns – Prevention and Cure

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Genital Warts present themselves as small white, pink or flesh colored bumps on the skin and some can be so small you will notice them with a naked eye. At other times there will be a mass that develops like cauliflower. In men they appear on the penal shaft, the scrotum or the anus whereas in women they appear on the vulva, inside the vagina, the cervix. The other unlikely place for the signs to appear is the mouth or the throat of a person who has oral sex with an infected individual.

The HPV virus has a latency period when the virus is simply dormant but then can still be spread to a sexual partner.  Just because the warts are nowhere to be seen may not mean that one is not infected. The latency period can range between 3 months and go all the way to 2 years or more in average.


They appear as painless bumps on the skin in the genital area. However they can be itchy and embarrassing due to the constant need to scratch. They begin tiny but if they are not treated they can rapidly grow in large clusters that look like the head of a cauliflower. Apart from the itching there can also be some pain during sexual intercourse which can sometimes lead to bleeding.

Tests & Diagnosis:

A medical examination by a qualified doctor will prove the suspicions you may have about an infection. There are numerous techniques medical personnel will use to test you, since sometimes the warts are too small to be seen physically.


Treatment basically involves the removal of the Genital Warts physically where possible although the virus itself cannot be cured. The virus will continue to survive in your system and depending on your immune system; they could reappear once in a while to require another round of removal. There are numerous treatment methods available and they include:

Prevention :

There is no treatment for Genital Warts that is 100 percent effective and thus prevention remains the best option so far. You do not need to wait till you have been infected to begin taking precautions. The virus has no known cure and the best most medications will do is take care of the symptoms. The best form of prevention is abstinence from sex completely and if you must engage in sex be faithful to one faithful partner who is not yet infected.

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