Genital Warts: How And Why Does It Happen

November 2, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are a kind of incurable STD that is quite prevalent. But even if there is no cure, then at least you can have them removed even if it’s only temporarily.If you haven’t heard what Genital Warts are, then it’s about time to educate yourself. This kind of sexually transmitted disease is more prevalent than you may think. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this and they spread the disease unknowingly. It’s better to get your Genital Warts treatment early than to face the worst consequences later on.What are genital warts? Warts are actually a form of infection from the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are many kinds of HPV, some cause genital warts but at low risk, while there are others which can cause cervical cancer and are called high risk. Genital warts grow in very sensitive parts of your body depending on the point of contact. Fortunately, you can easily get genital warts treatment cures from your doctor. This way, you can prevent the worst from becoming a reality! Some genital warts look like flat white patches while others are like tiny bunches of cauliflower and are really quite scary to look at. If you let it fester in your body, seeing the warts on your body can cause your stomach to turn.How do you get genital warts? This specific STD can be easily acquired through intimate contact. This disease is so prevalent that 15 out of 55 Americans have these genital warts growing inside them! This is why you should definitely try to get yourself checked out. If you suspect that you are getting warts then immediately go to your doctor for a check-up. Should the test turns out to be positive, then immediately ask for genital warts treatment advice from a medical professional.What sort of treatment? There are several ways to treat genital warts. The easiest treatment is to simply apply medicinal cream on the infected area. The doctor can easily give you a prescription of the best topical cream that is available in the market. However this kind of genital warts treatment will only work on mild cases.On the other hand, if your warts cannot be treated through medicinal creams, there are other more drastic options. You can get them surgically removed, frozen off with nitrogen or cauterized off through electric needles. Is there no permanent cure? Unfortunately genital warts treatment cures are not permanent. They may treat the physical manifestation of the virus but the HPV infection will still be in your body’s cells. This means that warts can reappear on your skin or you can spread it without knowing. This is why you have to be diligent in applying your genital warts treatment regimen. The best way to prevent genital warts is to avoid getting infested by HPV. Take your first step towards prevention now.


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