Genital Warts Removal: Tried and Tested Ways

November 2, 2009 by admin 

Fleshy growths formed in the genital area resulting from a sexually transmitted disease are known as Genital Warts. They are painful and highly contagious as it can lead to cervical or genital cancer. It is mainly caused by HPV or human papilloma virus that is spread through the minute tissue injuries that normally occurs during an intercourse. This disease often leads to a state of anxiety and panic in people and some of the frequent questions that pop up are:· What are the precautions that have to be taken during treatment?· What are different methods of genital wart removal?· Are they effective or not?Researchers are still being carried out with this particular virus resulting in no significant improvement in figuring out the treatment for HPV. But, today there are methods available to treat warts in the best possible way. Genital wart removal is based on many factors like size, location of the wart and intensity of the disease. The most common treatment procedures opted by the doctors are, usage of topical immune response cream, podophyllin, liquid nitrogen cryosurgery, laser cauterization and condylox. When medications are being used, one should rule out whether the patient is pregnant or not as many have adverse effects on the fetus. Surgery is normally recommended in those people where there is no response to medications and when the warts are large in size or persistent in nature. All these methods only remove the external presentation of the virus, but the basic causative organism always remains inside which can lead to recurrence of the fleshy growth. Recent studies state that maintaining a good immune system can lead to complete removal of the virus, but any infections like HIV, stress and anxiety hinder the process of cure.The patient should be educated about the illness along with the possible Genital Warts removal methods which are available these days. The following points are to be acknowledged to the patient before explaining the present situation.· Seriousness of the infection.· Side effects of the management and Genital Warts removal surgeries· Scarring and pigment changes caused during cryotherapy.· Recommend literature regarding genital warts.Warts are just a manifestation of the underlying illness. Genital warts removal methods are available these days even though side effects are present. Maintain healthy standards of living to prevent yourself from recurrent infections.


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