How to Love Responsibly While Dating With Herpes

November 2, 2009 by admin 

According to a research carried out recently, around 50 million Americans are suffering from genital herpes. It is an overwhelming realization that this people are out there and you might be one of them. This is because it takes time inside the body before the symptoms are out. The most unfortunate thing is that herpes has no cure. It is among the viral diseases that are a real threat to many people’s romantic lives. The sexual behaviour of the victims has inhibitions. But the fact that you cannot have sex with everyone does not mean that your dating becomes a closed chapter in your life. You still deserve love and happiness and therefore you are entitled to dating with herpes.May be you are wondering how possible this is but dating with herpes has been made more possible than ever. You can find a place where you belong through the Internet. As a have already told you, you are not alone in this misery since out of fiveĀ  men one is infected and out of four women one is infected. These are analysis which were carried out in America. It is good to avoid spreading the Genital Herpes because you can still find love in your condition. This will be a good move to curb the increased cases with around 30%. It is good to date a person who will encourage you through the treatment process. A partner who suffers from Genital Herpes makes feel comfortable at all costs.You can make dating with herpes more fun by being dedicated to the treatment. The treatment can be oral prescription antiviral medications such as Famciclovir and Valacyclovir. This helps in soothing and healing the sores and reducing the attacks frequency too. The infected individual should continuously take the drugs daily and make a habit of visiting medical practitioners to get how you lve positively with genital herpes. the two known methods of preventing the HSV infection are topical microbicides and also vaccines. If you care about your partner, there are measures to carry out to avoid infection. Women can use creams or gels to insert inside the woman organ prior to intercourse to avoid any cases of infection.While dating with herpes, responsible loving should be practised. If a diagnoses reveals genital herpes, you should tell your potential partner. A point to note is that using a condom is not safe enough since the latex might not cover all the sores. The skin might appear comlpletely normal but the virus is active. To live positively, make sure you use latex condom, do not engage in sex until the sores are toattaly healed. Use the drugs always to reduce the risk of spreading the viral disease. Disclosing your status might be embarrassing but not if it is done under the right circumstances. Before you talk about it, you should have positive attitude, choose th right time, a friendly environment and be ready to give them a break if they so wish. Herpes dating sites are very common and so you have yourself to blame if you have no fun in dating.


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