Plant-Based Warts Cure: An Alternative to Synthetic Products and Surgery

November 1, 2009 by admin 

Searching for an effective cure for warts is a tricky task these days. Type ‘warts cure’ into Google’s search field, and hundreds of both home and commercial remedies will appear, from putting duct tape or banana peels on the outgrowth, to using topical creams, or undergoing surgery – with all sources claiming that the procedure really can eliminate warts.

Sadly, many of these ‘treatments’ do not address the particular characteristics of the body wart. And while the application of popular topical formulations can eradicate the outgrowths, users need to be extra cautious in finding the right product. For one, a component typically found in wart cures is salicylic acid, a substance known to cause scarring, pain and allergic reactions in many individuals. Other medications that carry risks include imiquimod, cantharidin and bleomycin-based solutions that are not approved by the US FDA. Further, users need to check if only the physical symptoms are eliminated, while the virus remains. Warts can disappear for a few months and recur.

On the other hand, surgical procedures for warts are associated with pain, scarring, huge expenses, and the need for multiple sessions and downtime. Cryosurgery, for instance, features the use of liquid nitrogen which can affect otherwise completely healthy tissue surrounding the affected area.

With these risks, more people are turning away from synthetic formulations and surgical procedures, to plant-based solutions that are truly safe for regular use, and possess potent ingredients that can effectively combat the HPV causing the warts. With their ability to cleanse virus-infected cells and boost the body’s immune system, a warts cure that features plant extracts may just as soon dominate the market.

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