The Different Ways and Means by Which you Can Get Genital Hpv

November 1, 2009 by admin 

I’ve listed the number of different ways and means by which you can get genital HPV. These are the most common and the most known about ways of contracting genital HPV. Genital HPV is known to be a sexually transmitted disease, so if you do develop Genital Warts you and your partner should both get a thorough checkup before proceeding any further.

There is no hard and fast method to curing Genital Warts.

The one thing that you should avoid though, is the use of any of the over-the-counter medications which are used for other strains of HPV elsewhere on the body.

I’ve listed the different causes of contracting genital HPV first so that you can have a good look at everything that’s listed. There can be, and are, other methods by which you can get genital HPV warts, but as I said, these are the most common causes.

• Having oral, vaginal or anal sex with an genital HPV affected partner

• Having unprotected sexual intercourse

• Having sexual intercourse with more than one partner

• Having sexual intercourse with a partner who has, or has had, more than one sexual partner

• Starting sexual relations at an early age

• If you have a history of genital HPV infections

• If you have had Genital Warts once before

• If a pregnant woman has genital HPV, during childbirth in some rare cases, she may pass it on to the baby

• If you have, or have had, Herpes you are also a candidate for genital HPV

• Cigarette smoking and alcohol usage have also been linked to contracting genital HPV

• Use of steroids, or other drugs

• Oral Contraceptives

• In some rare cases genital HPV can be passed on by using the towel of an infected person

• Tanning beds, and other such items which aren’t cleaned properly can also in some cases pass on the infection

• Stress, coupled with another viral infection can also bring on genital warts

• Poor nutrition and hygiene


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