Aromatherapy: Relaxing Your State of Mind

September 29, 2008 by admin 

If you want to relax and loosen after a long tiring day at work all you need is a glass of wine, soft music and a soothing aromatherapy that harmonizes with the other two. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to improve your mood and soothe your nerves. These oils are distilled scientifically from plants and herbs. Most of these oils bear a calming aroma that revitalizes your frame of mind and make you feel elated.

Aromas & Natural Scents

Aromatherapy is a natural way of killing bad odors and foul smell that some times contaminate the air. It almost acts as air ionizer and purifier. To create your custom smell you can mix these oils add distill water and spray in your room to impart the fragrance that matches your persona and style and reflects your mood. There are different kinds of smells that build your mood for distinct situations. Aromatherapy scents can revivify your spirits, spur the energy level, act as an aphrodisiac or just create a romantic environment.  

These scents are environment friendly and always better to use than the deodorizing aerosols. Aromatic candles are another way to making your room look beautiful and smell excellent. Lighting these candles that usually come in different gentle and vibrant colors adds to the beauty of your home and spreads mood enhancing scents in the air.

Scents that lifts up your spirits

When you want to feel better and whack off your depression generally you eat chocolates, ice cream of drink coffee. There is a better solution to this. Use citrus oils instead. Lime orange, lemon or grapefruit can yield excellent results to tackle your depression. These scents naturally stimulate a lethargic mood and induce clarity.

Citrus, mint, or pine will freshen you up. Jasmine, gardenia, and sandalwood are woody fragrances that are ideally used to instill romanticism. Rose or Ylang Ylang is excellent antiseptics, natural sedatives and antidepressants. These also bear the qualities of an aphrodisiac.

You can easily use aromas to revive from a sad depressing mood. Aromatherapy actually helps you to improve the quality of life by instilling positivism. You might associate some fragrance to your favorite memories that you cherish. Learn to build up your mood by collecting those fragrances that induce a sense of fervor and zeal to your life whenever it turns dismal and dull.

Invigorating Scents

Sandal wood, Sage and Lavender used individually or infused together emanate wonderful fragrance that invigorates your mood. These oils stimulate the production of serotonin which reduces stress and helps your body and mind to relax. People suffering from anxiety, stress and insomnia have effectively being treated with these oils for excellent results. Lavender, Bergamot and Sandalwood slow the heart rate and relieve muscle tension.

These oils also reduces pain by triggering the production of enkephalin and endorphin that heightens your sexual feelings as well. Our body’s smell system is closely related to the limbic system of our brain and any the smell reaches the brain immediately and satisfies our mind and soul.

Massaging these oils and all over your body also produces satisfaction and relaxes the body. Massaging increases blood circulation and aromatic oils are absorbed more quickly into the system of your body.

Celebrate seasons with exquisite aromas

You can also celebrate the seasons with the scents of fruits and flowers that invoke happy memories. Summer memories are attached with citrus and floral scents, winter with apple and fresh cinnamon or pine, autumn with pumpkins, berries and other fruits, spring with dahlia, daisy, cucumber, country meadow and crabapple.

Natural Aromatherapy is part of a mind-body health science that always enhances your sense of contentment and comfort and brings enthusiasm in life.


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