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Are you looking for an Arthritis Cure? Arthritis usually means pain in the joints but it is a disease of the muscles and the bones so there could also be swelling and pain all over. Each bone is covered with a living tissue that covers the ends of the bones and guards them from rubbing against each other; this tissue is known as the Cartilage. Cartilage is made of living cells known as chondrocytes and this tissue resembles many of the other human organs. The chondrocytes die, they are replaced with new ones and the life cycle goes on. This article will focus on explaining arthritis versus arthritis cures.

However, over an extended period of time, the inflammation can kill more of the cartilage cells than the body is able to replace. This happens when the body is not healthy and suffers from malnutrition, injury can also be another cause. The condition causes damage where instability, deformities and joint weakness can obstruct daily life. Generally, arthritis can be treated with physical therapy, medication, and changes to the lifestyle the individual is used to living. If all zero or less intrusive interventions give no relief then as a last option joint replacement surgery can be used.

Arthritis is mainly categorized into two types, ‘localized’ and ‘generalized’ depending on which areas are affected (body or the joints); they are then sub categorized further. One of the sub-categories is localized conditions which only affect the soft tissue that surrounds the bones or joints, and is used to relate to conditions like tendonitis or bursitis. A sub-category of this affects one or some of the joints like hip or knee joints. In generalized arthritis, the disease affects the soft tissue and muscle where there isn’t any evidence of inflammation or swelling. This condition does not indicate joint damage; a common type in this category is fibromyalgia.

The second sub category is one where there is inflammation and the whole body is affected. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and psortiatis arthritis are examples of the next conditions in this subcategory. Other generalized conditions are polymyositis (muscles); systemic lupus erythematosus (skin, kidneys, or other organs); and vasculitis (any organ).

An individual is capable of having more than just one arthritis type and it includes over one hundred different medical conditions that are known to affect roughly forty six million adults and three hundred thousand children within the United States. As early on as infancy, this condition can begin, even though it is most commonly seen in adults that are over the age of sixty, in the primary form of osteoarthritis. As the American population ages, the number of people suffering with it is increasing.

Within the United States arthritis, as well as several related illnesses are known to be the cause of major disability and it cost over one hundred and twenty four billion dollars each year in indirect expenses and medical care expenses. Maintaining the right weight, eating fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and D are simple but effective measures to prevent and arrest osteoporosis, Consumption of calcium is very important, adults must consume about 1000-1500mg calcium every day, exercising daily is a must and one must avoid injuries that may damage the joints.


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