Back Pain? - Go Upside Down

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Can Inversion Tables Decompress The Spine

Treatment for back pain might be a kind of upside down therapy.

Many people experience back pain in their life. There are many forms of therapies that have been developed to relieve the pain, ease muscle tension and improve the spine. An inversion table is just one of the treatments many use to find temporary relief. Inversion therapy falls under the heading of traction therapy, because it uses tension on the spine. Before starting on this course of action, discuss it with a health professional, and be guided by their advice.

One manner of inversion therapy is to use a inversion table. However, do inversion tables work? An inversion table is an apparatus that enables you to lie in a position that causes the spine to stretch using your own weight. The table can be tilted to various degrees depending upon what you’re comfortable attempting. When you brace your feet into the harness there is no fear of falling backward.

People who choose an inversion table see it as having several advantages over some other forms of treatment. For one thing it’s non-invasive. Another advantage is there are no medications required. Also, it’s up to you how much of an angle the table is tilted. Some people find this form of therapy to be relaxing because it can increase blood flow. In addition, the table is extremely easy to use.

Despite the name, you don’t actually hang completely upside down (though you can if you want too). In fact, you want to start slowly when you use a back pain inversion table. You should begin with a slight tilt for a few minutes and work up to the angle you choose. Any tilting of the table will cause the spine to stretch which relieves pressure.

Your spine compresses as you age. This is due to a number of factors including gravity and loss of fluid in the tissue between the spinal discs. Compression of the spine can result in back pain. The inversion table is intended to offset some of the damage caused by gravity. Hanging upside down uses gravity to separte the spine.

Using a back pain inversion table will only give temporary pain relief. It’s not a long term solution to back pain. But sometimes that’s all people want – especially when the pain is due to an injury. Temporary relief of back pain can enable you to get some sleep or perform your daily activities.

Inversion tables are used by thousands of people to help them relieve their back pain. There are many sizes as well as models which are available. Depending upon your comfort factor, you can easily purchase an inversion table. These inversion tables can be purchased from many websites on the Internet or you can also purchase from a store. Please look for all the features before you decide that this is the best inversion table for you.

As a beginner you should invert the table to 20 – 30 degrees only. This should be done for at least 2-3 weeks before you can start inverting the table to 60 degrees or more. This is important such that while inverting there is no back pain. You should also get comfortable with operating the table and shouldn’t be under any tension while being on an inversion table. When you are really fit, only then can you start inverting 90 degrees. This is called the expert level.

Some of the benefits of inversion table are that it reduces back pain as well as helps to relieve the tension from the back. The circulation in the body improves and it increases the flexibility of the muscles as well as the joints. Note the warranty period of the inversion table when buying it. Many companies such as Teeter Hang Ups give up to 5 years warranty. It should also be remembered that they provide an after sales service and have a qualified team to do so.

Along with inversion tables, you may also receive a DVD on how to use the inversion table properly. If done under improper guidance or supervision, you are likely to cause yourself injury. Also look for the additional features that may be provided and take a demonstration before you actually purchase an inversion table.

If you are looking for an easy way to get some temporary back pain relief, a back pain inversion table is a possible solution. You can use the table in conjunction with an exercise program too. Exercising can extend and improve on the benefits you achieve using the inversion table.


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