Be Very Careful With Cancer Moles

September 25, 2008 by admin 

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Why do you need to be aware of cancer moles? Cancer is a dreaded disease that most of the time kills because it is discovered too late. In other words, if cancer can be detected in its early stages, such as with changes in the moles, then it can be cured. This observation would indicate how important it is to know how to self-check yourself to ensure that you are not suffering from this dreadful disease. There are many types of cancer, each having their own signs and symptoms. Skin cancer is one of the most widespread types, since over-exposure to UV rays is a common happening these days.

There are items that you can look for if you suspect that you might have skin cancer. Physicians refer to the method of identifying if you have cancer moles as the ABCD method. The letters are a reminder of what to look for and to remind you of when you should visit your doctor to have the moles checked out. This is very important, as you do not want to be one of the victims of this type of cancer.

The first letter A stands for ‘asymmetry.’ Normally, a mole is round and symmetrical in shape. It is often when the mole begins to grow that it looks a little skewed or asymmetric. In case this happens, ensure that you visit a doctor and mention the first time you observed the change in the skin moles. The second letter B stands for ‘border.’ If the border of your moles looks jagged or irregular, instead of definite and strong, then this could be a sign of cancer. The letter C indicates another important aspect, ‘color.’ Often, these moles change in color suddenly, leaving you quite surprised. Lastly, the letter D stands for ‘diameter.’ Most cancerous moles will grow in size; hence, an increasingly larger diameter could alert you to see a doctor.

If you think that the moles that you have could be cancer moles, then you will want to speak to a physician as soon as possible. You will also want to keep a close watch for the moles that might be cancerous if you are a lighter skinned individual or if other individuals in your family have had cancer. While anyone can be susceptible to this type of cancer, those who have a fair complexion or a family history of cancer are more likely to develop it.


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