Extreme Fat Loss – How a Calorie Shifting Diet Works Part 1

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How a Calorie Shifting Diet Works Parts 1

Calorie shifting is the hottest buzz in the weight loss industry these days, but although most people don’t really know how it works, it is not new. The method has been quietly used by smart people in the fitness industry for years and will help nearly anyone shed huge amounts of fat poundage pretty quickly. Compared to a run of the mill low fat or low calorie diet, a calorie shifting type diet is like a walk in the park because it will not make the dieter miserable while she’s on it.

Calorie shifting is a weight loss strategy designed to combat the natural slowdown that occurs in your metabolism whenever you are restricting your caloric intake. The theory, now long proven, is that it is possible for you to manipulate your body’s metabolism level at will to induce the burning of fat. This is done simply by varying the types and amounts calories that you eat each day, usually over the course of 7 to 14 days.

A quick example would be to severely restrict your calories for 5-7 days, then eat normally or even overeat just a little for 2 days. The optimal number of days under calorie restriction differs for each person but the dieter will be losing fat while finding out. The method works very well for virtually everyone. So the best thing to do is just to get started on it without over thinking it. You will lose body fat.

The calorie shifting diet is the most effective way to keep your metabolism running at peak performance while shedding body fat and keeping muscle tone. If used properly it will unleash the body’s hidden fat burning potential and can actually increase metabolism causing even more rapid weight loss to occur. The best selling Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet is probably the most effective example of a diet plan that uses the calorie shifting method, and it is available online. It features an Online Diet Generator that will create customized meals in seconds and is perfect for the busy dieter who is not interested in reading endless food labels and counting calories.

Metabolism-What Happens When We Diet

The human body is amazing in its efficiency at adapting to various hardships and stressors and this includes a severe calorie restriction diet, which to the body means starvation. The body gets the message fairly quickly and then promptly makes the necessary adjustments to maintain homeostasis. Of course now the body slows your fat loss metabolism to a creeping limp. Which means fat loss slows as well. This is what happens when a dieter hits a plateau and she stops losing weight several weeks into a diet.

That’s a good thing if you are a member of a tribe of early humans and your meals are feast or famine, because your body would slow it’s metabolism down and you could live off of your fat stores. But if you’re a slightly pudgy soccer mom with a high school reunion coming up in a month, it’s not helping you at all.

The body’s normal responses to severe dieting include:

Decreased levels of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones, which play a principal part in regulating your metabolism faster or slower.

Decreased metabolic rate because of the thyroid decrease and other elements.

Increasing the “muscle wasting” hormone cortisol making it hard to keep muscle tone while dieting.

Also, decreased leptin levels have been observed. Leptin is the hormone that tells the body to use fat for energy. Lower levels of this hormone are the opposite of what you want during a fat loss diet.

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Good luck, get ready to buy some new “thin” clothes.

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