Hemorrhoid Treatment Creams – 4 Important Ingredients to Look For

October 1, 2008 by admin 

Since there are so many different people who are dealing with hemorrhoid problems, you’ll find that there are a variety of different hemorrhoid treatments out there that you can choose from. However, if you take a look in your local drug store, you may be overwhelmed at all the different hemorrhoids treatment creams & medications that you have to choose from. How are you supposed to pick the products that will really work? Well, if you find yourself confused looking at all the hemorrhoid treatment creams that are available, here are four of the ingredients that you’ll want to look for in order to pick out the very best treatments that really work.

Local Anesthetics

One ingredient that you may want to look for in good hemorrhoid treatments is local anesthetics. These ingredients help to dull the pain and they help to block the nerve conduction so that you don’t feel all the irritation, burning, and discomfort that can come along with hemorrhoids. You’ll find that products that have these ingredients in them are to be used externally on the area where you have the problem so it can be absorbed and work. However, be aware that you can have some allergic reactions in some cases. Some of the main ingredients that are found in these local anesthetics include pramoxine, benzocaine, cyclonine, and lidocaine.


Various astringents are often used within hemorrhoid treatments as well. Basically you’ll find that these ingredients work to take proteins on the skin cells on the surface and coagulate them. This leaves a layer that helps to protect the tissue that is underneath. They also help to decrease any secretions in the area as well, which helps to get rid of the irritation and inflammation that you are dealing with. Some of these ingredients include witch hazel, calamine, as well as zinc oxide.


Vasoconstrictors are also very common ingredients that are used within hemorrhoid treatments as well. They help to make the blood vessels constrict and reduce the swelling of the hemorrhoids. They can also help to get rid of the irritation and itching that you’re dealing with as well. However, people who have heart problems of high blood pressure or that take drugs for these problems should avoid using hemorrhoid treatments that contain these ingredients in them.


Protectants are also commonly used in over the counter hemorrhoid treatments too. They help to actually form a barrier over your skin and the membranes to help prevent water loss and decrease the inflammation you have. Some of the best protectants out there include lanolin, white petrolatum, topical starch, hard fat, glycerin, and cocoa butter. Usually the side effects of these treatments are very few.

In conclusion, it is best to go for a natural herbal hemorrhoids treatment cream as it can be used by everyone without any problems of potential side effects.


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