Hypnosis for no smoking

September 18, 2008 by admin 

Today, the stop smoking hypnotherapy has become a very convenient way for most smokers to leave their old habits behind. Although it has been quite a difficult task for most of the smokers, a quit smoking hypnotherapy has helped a lot in conditioning one’s mind to stop the harmful habit. Hypnotherapy works best if the person is eager enough to help himself stop the bad habits which he has so been used to doing everyday in his life.  Below is a list of ways that would make you understand how the hypnosis process works for smokers. It would also provide you of the risks and the medical implication of the therapy.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy – A Major Behavior Change

The quit smoking hypnotherapy allows to unfold ideas which are related to smoking. Hypnosis has always been believed to be a state of mind where suggestion can penetrate at its best. If the person is relaxed and is ultra alert, he becomes more eager to accept that he has problems which lead him to several changes such as quitting smoking. If all these factors are in a therapy, it would be a lot easier to help a person give up his old habits. Although hypnosis isn’t really a tested and proven cure to smoking, it has proven itself to be of tremendous help to those who suffer from smoking addiction problems.

Many people have already claimed that the quit smoking hypnotherapy has worked for them. It could probably work out the same way for you as it has worked for them. Trying this kind of behavior modification to quit smoking puts you at a lesser risk because the therapy involved is actually very safe and convenient to do. Unlike the other ways to help quit you smoking, hypnotherapy has proven to be not only the safest but the most cost effective way to help rid a smoker from his addiction state.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy – The Sessions

The quit smoking hypnotherapy is supposed to help smokers quit by utilizing the state of the mind. Suggestions under the state of hypnosis would tell a person that smoking cigarettes is an extremely bad habit for your health. Additionally, the therapist should instill in the smoker’s mind that the smoke emitted in lighting cigarettes has a very offensive smell so he or she can recognize that smoking is not an ideal habit to include in one’s lifestyle. This type of behavior modification is done for a very long time until the person himself is able to tell that smoking is not good for his own body. Until he admits that smoking is not a good choice, the quit smoking hypnotherapy would not successfully work.



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