Identifying 4 Underlying Acne Causes That You Must Know

September 10, 2008 by admin 

Admit it, acne can turn your life upside down. The causes are as diverse as the acne sufferers themselves and it is the most common skin disorder that has no cure. For those who are long time sufferers of chronic acne, you know that frequent out breaks can affect physical appearance, lower self esteem and impact both social and professional life. As dismal as is it sounds, acne sufferers need to understand the causes of their acne and more specifically need to be identify effective treatment for their acne.

When Acne Becomes A Problem?

Acne flares up when overactive oil glands trap dirt, grime and bacteria into your pores and thus clog them up. Without a doubt, clogged up pores turn into pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts or lesions.Although acne varies in appearance and looks, there are 4 acne causes that can be identified. Here they are:


Due to your heredity, you are not able to alter nor change these characteristics. As long as you follow your doctors recommendations you can manage and control your acne problem. Regardless of making changes to improve your condition you will be living a normal healthier life.

Affects of Changing Hormones

Birth control pills are known to regulate hormone levels in women. In teenagers or young adults, excluding certain foods such as white flour and sugar can help lower insulin levels and in turn affect hormones.

Experience Positive Affects With Diet Changes

If you change your diet by avoiding caffeine, processed foods, carbonated beverages, pasta and fatty foods and start drinking plenty of fresh water, eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods, you can dramatically impact your skin. This is how you control your acne problems.

Controlling Stress Will Affect Your Acne

Reducing your stress will allow you to manage the affects of your acne. Instead of letting your boss, work, relationships, time commitments or health worries cause you to build up your stress, you will gain incredible results by trying relaxation techniques and exercise to manage your stress. Methods such as aromatherapy,excersise,hypnotherapy and visualization can relieve stress and reduce acne outbreaks.

Acne Treatments

What if treatments like following a healthy diet, managing stress, trying to get proper amounts of rest, staying out of the suns or maintaining a skin care program fail to improve ones acne? Only then should you seek a professionals help.Oral or topical medications can be recommended by your dermatologist. Antibiotics or retinoids also offer the most successful treatments for acne. Cosmetic treatment such as facials, dermabraion and laser treatments are effective in slowing down and reducing acne.

Can Acne Change Over Time?

Like anything over time, things can change and so can your acne. If you are an adult now and you’ve noticed that your current  treatment isn’t working, it is best to see your dermatologist to help you find a different treatment now that you are older. With no current acne cure, you must continue treatment and stay aware for newer treatments.

Quick Results But A Temporary Fix

As a last resort, Accutane can be prescribed. Sometimes called a quasi-cure for acne, Accutane medication does possess life threatening side effects. Historically there are excellent results with over 60% success. Severe depression or birth defects are some of the side effects. Now that you know, you could talk to your doctor about becoming eligible for this disputable medicine.

Although this can sound like a gloomy reality for those who are having a hard time controlling there acne can still live a normal life. The important point is to learn about acne. Find out what causes acne? Discover what effective treatments are available and keep up to date on what the future hold for a cure.

Someone who has suffered with chronic acne can testify that frequent break outs will affect your daily life and bring your spirits down.


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