Is Gynexin a scam?

September 4, 2008 by admin 

Definition of Gynexin?

Gynexin is the leader in the natural supplement market for gynecomastia. Gynexin has been the leader for the last 7 years on the gynecomastia natural supplement market. The product contain only 100% natural products and is known to have no side-effects. Statistics indicate that a regular use of the Gynexin Alpha Formula can greatly reduce the fatty breast tissues in the mammary glands.

So this is what Gynexin is all about, but the question is:

Is it really true?

Here is my Honest Review of Gynexin:

After doing some research I cam to the conclusion that most of the gynexin past users noticed a positive results from the use of this product. Some of course didn’t notice a difference and it is quite normal. Even the company claims that the formula works for around 90% of all men. After 6 yaers in the makret, it is completely normal that some men said it didn’t work for them, after all it is not a miracle treatment.

The next step was to research their business record to see if they are a good company or not. I must say that I was impress with the fact that they had only 13 complaints in the last 6 years, which were all resolved. This fact alone is a good indication that the company is doing serious business.

Is Gynexin the only Effective treatment on the market?

Although we think that Gynexin is a good product, we do believe that it’s not the only one worth mentioning. There are other treatments that are very effective to help you lose your man boobs.


In most cases, gynecomastia is related to obesity. These cases are in reality called pseudo-gynecomastia and are a lot easier to treat with products like Gynexin. You must change the way you live in order to change your appearance. Gynexin will give you amazing results if you work with it.


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