Kegelmaster can promeote Kegel Health

September 29, 2008 by admin 

Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises (named after Dr. Arnold Kegel who spent many years researching the pelvic floor) are highly recommended by medical practitioners the world over as an exercise to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Dr. Kegel found that through using resistance exercise it was possible to not only eliminate stress incontinence effectively and safely, but that it was possible to reverse a uterine prolapse by as much as 5 to 7cm. Some would say that using a kegelmaster nearly as important to a woman as regular pap smears.

Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises (named from Dr. Arnold Kegel who did much research on the pelvic floor) are recommended universally as the cure for the above ailments. Has there been any real success with this?Our answer – Maybe Because no body ever tells you. Arnold Kegel intended the kegel exercise to be done with resistance, this is what the kegelmaster does, like no other product.

We go to the gym to increase muscle tone, mass and strength. Some think that aerobic exercises help build mass and strength, WRONG. To fix these probelems you need resistance and weights. Aerobics only improves the look not the strength. This is why you have had little or no success with your pelvic floor; it’s the same as any other muscle in your body only more important.

What will it mean to you when you are able to perform a few exercises every day in the privacy of your own home and know with confidence that your health concerns will be a distant memory.

The benefits from using the kegelmaster are too numerous to mention but amongst them is the effective treatment for incontinence, greatly improves sensitivity during intimacy, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, helps the pelvic floor muscles recover more rapidly after childbirth and tones and tightens the vagina after childbirth.

Many women arent doing kegel exercises, even when recomended by doctors, because of lack of knwledge or not doing it properly.

There is every chance of reversing a prolapse when it is in its early stage, with the help of a kegelmaster. Unfortunately some women wait until it is too late to take action and there is a point of no return after which surgery does become necessary.

The urge to urinate is more urgent at the time of menstruation, period pain is worse if the bowel is not emptied. The kegelmaster has been proven to help in the treatment of these and many other disorders.


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