Looking for the Best Acne Solution?

October 6, 2008 by admin 

If you have been suffering from severe acne, you have probably already tried many solutions or treatments to get rid of you acne. Finding the best acne skin care product is becoming harder and harder with all the products available on the market.

What ingredients should you look for in an acne treatment?

Acne is very often the result of a particular cycle happening in your body. The role of the Sebaceous gland in your body is to mostly keep your skin moisturized by releasing the correct quantity of oil onto the skin. For the people that are suffering from acne, this oil often gets blocked under the skin’s pores. This is what is often called a pimple. For many of us this is where the cycle or process stops, but for a lot of people this is just the beginning of another acne outbreak. Often an acne outbreak occurs when the oil secreted by the skin is trapped which often attracts the bacteria that is called Propionibacterium. The next step is that the bacteria feeds on the oil blocking your pores causing it to grow. Your body then tries to defend itself by unleashing blood cells to attack the bacteria; the end result is red, swollen skin.

With all the new treatments on the market, finding the acne solution is more difficult than ever. Being aware of the essential ingredients effective at fighting acne is vital. As a general rule, products containing benzoyl peroxide are some of the best on the market. Benzoyl peroxide is very effective at unclogging skin pores, preventing the formation of pimples.

Salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy are also considered two very effective ingredients that are often found in effective acne treatments. These products are different than benzoyl peroxide because they mostly act as a preventive measure. This is very useful for people with dry skin because these products simply remove a thin layer of skin preventing you skin pores to be clogged.

One form of treatment that is becoming more and more popular is the natural approach. This type of acne cure is often the most popular simply because it is natural, safe and most of all, very effective. Natural treatments are becoming more and more popular and are often considered amongst the most effective solutions to get rid of acne. In many cases the solutions are in oil form and therefore must be mixed with water in order to do a proper application. You can find most of these natural products in natural food store, products like:

- Oils

- Tea Tree

- Bergamot

- Clove

- Lavender

- Rosewood

The oil that is often considered the best acne skin care product is the tree oil. This is without a doubt very effective because it has the ability to fight the bacteria that is the cause of acne.

Finding the best solution to get rid of acne can be very long and difficult with all the acne treatments on the market, unfortunately it is a necessary step because it is the best way to prevent further acne breakout and improve your condition once and for all. See our recommended acne treatments or just click the following link to learn more about how to get rid of acne fast.


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