Nose Procedure Performed At A Plastic Surgery Center For Noses

September 14, 2008 by admin 

Men and women both choose to have nose jobs, or rhinoplasty, for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you were surfing and took a bad fall which broke your nose.  If it did not heal properly you may not like the way it looks and want to get it corrected.  Maybe you have trouble breathing and a nose job can fix the passages in your nose to correct the problem.  Whatever reason you might have, a plastic surgery center for noses is a great place to head if for no other reason than to ask questions that you might have.  They specialize in issues involving the nose and can offer great advice opposed to a surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery for breasts.

Different Types Of Nose Jobs That Are Preformed At A Plastic Surgery Center For Noses

Open rhinoplasty is the type of nose job that is the most invasive.  By having an open rhinoplasty performed at a plastic surgery center for noses you risk having scaring on the external skin of your nose.  Surgeons performing this procedure actually make an incision that allows them to be able lift up the skin on top of the nose.  With better access to the bone and cartilage below surgeons are able to tackle tougher rhinoplasty. 

A closed rhinoplasty involves the surgeon making incisions inside of the nose and without lifting the skin on the nose he or she will sculpt the bone and cartilage. With closed rhinoplasty there is no risk of scarring as all incisions are made inside of the nose making this type of procedure more attractive than open rhinoplasty.  While this type of nose job is acceptable for fixing the majority of issues surgeons might not be able to tackle the toughest nose jobs with this procedure.

Reasons To Visit A Plastic Surgery Center For Noses

A Deviated septum can cause a number of breathing related problems.  When a person is suffering from a deviated septum it means that the bone and cartilage that runs through the center of the nose is off centered.  A broken nose can cause a deviated septum and can be fixed with surgery at a plastic surgery center for noses. 

For chronic suffers of asthma, rhinoplasty can make a huge difference in the ability to control breathing during an attack.  By straightening the nose and removing potential blockage from inside of the nose a cleaner breathing passage is created for the patient.


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