Pilates Certification – What are the Requirements?

October 5, 2008 by admin 

A lot of people are crazy for the big C -Change. Today people’s lifestyle has evolved to just mainly work demanding long hours of their daily lives. As the routine becomes cyclic and tedious a career shift is definitely on the rise. People who want to make a total change in their career venturing from mechanical to an active line of work could take Pilates certification on their list.

The Personal Requirements of a Pilates Certification

Earning a career in the field of well being and beauty such as Pilates would require an interactive approach with people. Interaction would mean mingling and investing time with people whom you have little recognition with. Patience would definitely be a virtue when you enter a career in Pilates since techniques and guidelines of the exercise would be mainly taught to people struggling to perform the routine. Experiencing Pilates first hand turning it into a hobby would make you a better instructor as you pass it on to your students. Basic concepts and guidelines are easily related based on an adept knowledge of the said exercise.

The Pilates Mat 1 Certification

Pilates Mat 1 certification course is the prerequisite of Pilates necessary in all fields of training. It was for strict compliance that a completion of the first course be taught before moving to another level. Once completed, one will have the opportunity to teach and conduct classes in levels 1 or 2.

The course primarily focuses on the History of Pilates, methods and different Pilates movement known to be benefiting the body in various ways. Other sources include, the study of proper position and posture of each Pilates stroke, familiarizing with the names of each, performing the exercise in class and the ways of effectively performing verbal signs and cues regarding the exercise.

The Pilates Mat 2 Certification

This kind of certification is for those who have successfully completed the Mat 1 course. At this point, advance classes are to be taught. Choreographing Pilates moves giving it a different twist and specific moves for people in different categories like the elderly were some of the goals of the program.

What it takes

Pilates certification courses come in different manifestations. Taking an intensive course is believed to be more convenient and efficient. Though certification courses vary in different prices still, the value of creating and promoting a healthy lifestyle is priceless.


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