Reducing Chronic Lower Back Pain: Seemingly Never Ending Pain

September 24, 2008 by admin 

Different people experience pain at different levels and the pain that they feel is also experienced in different ways. Two people suffering from an identical injury can feel pain in totally separate ways with one feeling excruciating pain while the other may feel pain that is quite tolerable. Chronic lower back pain is like this and there are people that suffer from such a condition who can tolerate the pain while others are unable to cope with the constant feelings of pain.

Never A Pleasant Experience

It is never a pleasant thing to have to deal with pain and when the pain lasts for what seems like ages, it becomes an issue that requires immediate attention. In the case of chronic lower back pain the pain will last for more than ninety days and its onset can be either sudden or gradual. In fact, chronic lower back pain can affect other parts of the body besides the back and the pain can also be experienced in the buttocks, down the legs and even in the feet.

The main reason why lower back pain occurs is because of straining of the muscles, tendons, ligaments or the bones. To prevent chronic lower back pain from occurring it is therefore necessary to refrain from overexertion, though at the same time you must not also become totally inactive. Staying in bed for too long is not recommended, at least not for long periods of time, as it is far better to perform normal daily activities, albeit at a much slower pace.

Chronic lower back pain is best treated by a professionally trained physical therapist who is sure to be knowledgeable about how to handle such a form of pain and who is also the best person to design and administer physical therapy treatment that is individualized for different patients. The first step that needs to be taken with regard to providing physical therapy to treat a patient that is suffering from chronic lower back pain is to educate the patient about proper posture as well as correct way of moving.

It is also normal for physical therapists to apply electric simulation, ultrasound and heat to the parts of the lower back that cause pain. In addition, the patient may also need to perform certain kinds of exercises that will help to make the body more flexible and will help in strengthening the back muscles, particularly the ones that provide support to the spine.

One offshoot of suffering from chronic back pain is that it can make the patient feel depressed. The pain is often so excruciating that patients are unable to withstand the physical and mental anguish and this is when it becomes necessary to provide them with timely and effective chronic back pain relief.

There are many theories and different approaches being tossed about regarding what the best treatment for chronic lower back pain is, though exercises accompanied by physical therapy, when done consistently and under professional guidance, are sure to prove most effective.


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