Repair Sun Damaged Skin

September 29, 2008 by admin 

Exposure to the sun has both positive and negative health issues. On one hand, if we are not exposed to enough sunlight we will lack the ability to produce enough Vitamin D. Too much sun exposure damages the skin and greatly increases the risk of skin cancer.

The most beneficial skincare products for sun damaged skin are thought to be those containing Vitamin A as this is an essential antioxidant which can help to reverse the changes to cells that cause cancers to grow. Biomedic skin care products are some of the best, not just for sun damaged skin but they are also a good anti wrinkle treatment. The biomedic treatments available from La Roche Posay are the most effective for acne skin care, normal facial skincare, sensitive skincare and the treatment of under eye wrinkles and ‘crows feet’.

As far as the repair of sun damaged skin goes, the current bestseller on the worldwide market is a beauty skincare product called Meladerm advanced pigment lightening complex. This solution has been tried and tested for years. It reduces the signs of age spots, skin cancers or scars and is a very good product for dry skin. The one draw back to this solution is that it is a professional skincare product and is therefore difficult to purchase without a prescription.

A very promising natural skincare product is the Beauty Naturally: Bio Skin Regimen. This is a mixture of different creams that are used together on a timed schedule. They contain beta – 1, 3 – glucan, which causes the body to produce Macrophage which seeks out and destroys free radicals and other bacteria on the skin. This is a very good anti-aging skin care product and is used widely as an anti wrinkle cream. It has the serious skin care properties of a biomedic product, however it is not based on chemicals. This product helps to reduce the appearance of sun spots and can be applied directly on a fresh sun burn without causing irritation.

The safest skincare creams are obviously the ones made from natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and other plant and herb extracts, as these are highly unlikely to cause any side effects. One of the best skin care creams available is lifecellskin cream. It is expensive but it has faster and longer lasting results compared to some of its competitors. It is not based completely on natural ingredients but it does contain a lot of Vitamin C. Its base ingredients are hexapeptides, which are used in skincare cosmetics as an effective alternative to botox. Although the results are much slower, it is a healthier way to treat your skin. This cream will assist the repair of any kind of sun damaged skin and is available to buy online.

Any cream or compound containing the TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) recovery complex is seen to be the new treasure in the professional cosmeceutical world. This solution contains soluble collagens and natural growth factors which help you to fight the signs of aging. There is a compound found only in this solution. which helps your body to naturally rejuvenate the cells in the skin. The most popular line is the SkinMedica program, which is only available for purchase from your dermatologist.


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