Stop Snoring Home Remedy – Three Tips You Can Try Tonight

September 21, 2008 by admin 

Both the young and old people snore. Snoring is annoying and most of the time you will find that it can be prevented with a stop snoring home remedy which can cure the most common problems associated with snoring.  Here are some tips on ways to help stop snoring using natural methods and they can be done tonight.

Locating the problem?

The most effective way to find the right stop snoring home remedy is to first locate the reason of your snoring. But first you need to determine how severe your snoring is because if you have sleep apnea you will want to see doctor and get treatment. The following tips are great for light to moderate snoring.

Tip 1 – Weight And Snoring - If you are overweight, you may have more fat around your neck that is blocking your airways at night, this blockage causes the snoring. The best thing for you then would be to find a healthy diet and exercise plan that will help you loose weight. Not only will you become fitter but you will find that your snoring will reduce dramatically.

Tip 2 – Sleeping Position - One of the best stop snoring home remedy that I can offer you is to try and change your sleeping position. Did you know that by lying on your back you increase the chances of snoring at night? Try falling asleep on your side or stomach at night. It is much harder to snore in these positions. A little trick is to use a pillow on you side to prevent yourself from rolling onto your back

Tip 3- Stop Or Reduce Your Alcohol Intake – Do you have alcohol at night? Did you know that drinking alcohol, relaxes the muscles in your throat. The muscle in you throat needs to be tight so that the air does not escape. So if you drink the stop snoring remedy for this is an obvious one—stop drinking. Although it may not be easy for everyone to stop drinking, you can find ways to cut back or quit with the help of a specialist.

Not every stop snoring remedy will be right for everyone, but if you keep on persisting to find the solution and are willing to make some lifestyle changes you will find one. And remember that if you have severe snoring please visit a doctor for a consultation.


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