Tooth Whitening Kits – How They Have Progressed Through The Years

September 10, 2008 by admin 

Do you remember the big hair, acid washed jeans and political unrest of the 1990’s? Those are pretty common indicators of the decade, but you may have overlooked tooth whitening kits. They first debuted as a home use product at that time. Of course, they were far more complicated than the whitening strips you can buy now. They took some time and effort. If you remember what a hassle the early tooth whitening products were, then you can truly appreciate those little strips.

The first commercial teeth whitening system was a plastic cup designed to be molded to your teeth and a whitening gel that would fill the cup. You first had to boil the cup and then shape it specifically to your mouth. Each night at bedtime, you would fill the cup with the proper amount of gel and then you would sleep with the contraption in your mouth. The gel would do the work while you slept. Simply wake up and take the pieces out. Sounds really easy, right?

The actual problem, besides the hassle of molding the plastic pieces, is that the gel lost its effectiveness within an hour or two. The gel would also be swallowed during the night. Many people reported sore throats and increased gum sensitivity. Tooth whitening kits began to decline in sales because people became disillusioned with the safety of the product and the hassle of using it, just to get whiter teeth.

Scientists, after making the discovery that the primary ingredient in the gel lost its effectiveness after an hour, devised different kits that meant the user would wear them for a less amount of time. Today’s kits contain a higher concentration of the whitening agent used in tooth bleaching. Most kits are now strips that the user wears for a very short amount of time, either in the morning or the evening.

The 90’s are gone and the archaic tooth whitening kits that were prevalent at the time have also gone the way of big hair. People seeking whiter teeth do not have to spend a fortune and go through the incredible hassle of molding a plastic tray to their teeth. Toothpaste made specifically for teeth whitening has helped many people have a brighter smile. Crest Strips have become the popular method of whitening.

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