Why Neck and Back Pain are Connected

September 26, 2008 by admin 

Have you ever wondered if neck and Back Suffering are connected?  It’s not an unusual question since very often a person can have a stiff neck or pain in their neck and eventually have pain in the back as well.Sometimes its the opposite when back pain and travel all the way up your spin and go to a point where your head and neck start to ache.  Why is it that neck and back pain are seemingly connected in this way, and is there anything you can do to address one or the other, or better yet, both at the same time?  Let’s take a look at this subject a bit closer.

Why Neck and Back Pain are Connected

If you think that the pain in your neck leads to back pain, or the back pain you have can travel up to your neck, you’re not imagining things.  The muscles in the back are actually a big bundle of muscles that are all connected to one another, and to the muscles in the legs, shoulders, and neck.  This is why neck and back pain are often connected – if you have an injury or a problem with your neck muscles this will make the back muscles work overtime to support the movement that your neck muscles would normally handle.Sometimes, injuries in your back mean that your back is weakened and so your neck is not going to be as supported as it needs to be.When muscles are connected you can almost ensure that pain can be connected such as the neck and back.  Any injury or overuse in one area will cause a problem with the other.

Address Neck and Back Pain

When you realize how neck and Back Suffering are connected you might immediately begin realizing how to correct or address the situation.  Think about when you have a problem or overextension of your neck and be aware of the fact that your back is going to be working overtime to move your head and upper body.  Make sure your posture is upright and relaxed so that the muscles are not cramped and tense.  If you have neck pain but don’t notice that your back hurts, still keep it relaxed at night with a heating pad and some support under your knees.  If you have back pain for any reason, be gentle with your neck and upper body when it comes to movement.  While you may not always have neck and back pain at the same time, you know that one can easily lead to another if you’re not careful about your movements.

Sometimes just being careful about neck and back pain and realizing how they’re connected can be enough to keep you from suffering both.  Make sure all areas of your back are supported, from your neck to the small of the back, and you’re sure to have at least some relief.

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