Rick – Pas Op Jezelf – The world against Aids.

March 7, 2010 by admin 

740000 people in the EU today have HIV/AIDS. One in three is unaware they have it. There is a rise of new infections in the EU and neighbouring countries. An EU survey reveals that in Europe less and less people know how the disease is transmitted and take the necessary precautions. Condoms are the best way to protect against HIV as well as other sexually-transmitted diseases such as herpes and condylomas. HIV is transmitted via mucus, wounds, used syringes and bodily fluids. Of these bodily fluids only 5 carry the disease from one person to another: blood, sperm, pre-seminal male secretions, vaginal secretions, and mother’s milk. Original video: br.youtube.com Doing this just to make people see this really matters. The WORLD matters, YOU matters… We do not own any os these video images, all credits goes to the eutube, European Commission. Gezongen door Rick, let goed op de tekst, het is misschien wel hard, maar dit is de realiteit waarin wij leven. =)


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