What Does Genital Herpes Look Like? – Tips For Identifying HSV2

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Proper identification of symptoms is the key to a correct diagnosis. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, some people have this misconception that their symptoms all look the same. Of course, this simply is not true. The symptoms of Genital Herpes can be varied between different people, but if you are asking “what does Genital Herpes look like?”, we’ll go through the more common symptoms of the disease.
In fact. Many STDs do not have any symptoms at all. This is the reason why many people infected with STDS fail to seek immediate treatment. The same is true with genital herpes. If you will visit forums about sexual and reproductive health, you will encounter questions such as what does Genital Herpes look like? This is simply a testament that although Genital Herpes is a fairly common disease, many people do not know what it looks like and are not sure whether they have it already or not.
Truth is, herpes becomes “visible” only when an outbreak occurs. Most of the time, the disease lies dormant inside the body of the infected person. Outbreaks or flare ups occur when triggered by an stress, or by being run down, having too little sleep or when the immune system is compromised, such as due to a poor diet or illness.
To answer what does Genital Herpes look like, here are some of the main symptoms you may experience.
1. Itching, swelling or tenderness in the groin region. This is due to a swelling in the lymph nodes (the glands in the groin), and is one of the first signs of a genital herpes outbreak.
2. A red itchy rash on the penis or vagina, buttocks, upper thighs or around the anus.
3. Pain or burning during urination. This is especially prevalent in women, as the outbreak can affect the vaginal walls. Women may also experience a vaginal discharge that can be thin and watery or thicker and milky.
4. Sores, welts or blisters on the penis or vagina, or around the genitals. This is the trademark symptom of genital herpes, and the symptom most are familiar with. These sores can be very small, like pimples, or large and coin-sized. They can be small in number or numerous, and can occur only on the penis or vagina, or all around the pubic area.
Hopefully, this article was able to answer the question of those asking what does genital herpes look like? If you suspect you have genital herpes, the best thing to do is to go to your doctor so they can properly diagnose your condition. Despite all the rumour and innuendo surrounding genital herpes, the disease is very treatable and controllable.
Many effective treatments exist to treat genital herpes. Medicinal anti viral treatments such as acyclovir, natural treatments designed to be very effective without the cost and side effects of prescription medication, homeopathic treatments, herbal treatments, and special diet plans that restrict foods that help the virus replicate, and increases consumption of foods that contain vitamins and enzymes that combat the disease.


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