Why Does Herpes Hurt So Much?

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Both types of Herpes Viruses live in neural ganglia near the site of infection. For Cold Sores the virus lays dormant in the area around the TMJ nerves, in Genital Herpes the virus lays dormant in the sacral lumbar area. When the virus activates one of the symptoms is shooting pains and tenderness into the nerve where the virus has been living.

This kind of pain that the Herpes Virus inflicts on its host (or poor sufferer) is similar to the nerve pain of sciatica, and as the breakout continues, it becomes localised to the site of first infection. The pain then is more radiating and can be incredibly intense. In Genital Herpes this can cause discomfort when sitting, urinating and in severe outbreaks even walking can worsen the pain.

With cold sores (Herpes), the pain can be exacerbated by wind, salty or acidic foods and splitting if in the corners of the mouth. As with any type of break in the oral mucosa, it is extremely difficult not to play with it with the tongue or teeth, which in turn make it, take longer to heal, but with the intense pain – what do you do?

A mixture of topical applications and internal herbs help to minimise pain whilst treating the Herpes virus. St John’s Wort is a great herb for treating Herpes, as it has an affinity to viruses, and was historically used to treat nerve pain. St John’s Wort is also a great Nervine often used for treating depression. Before considering using St John’s Wort to treat Herpes, it is crucial to check in with a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist as St John’s Wort does interact with some prescription medicines.

Topically Propolis is extremely effective to minimise the recurrence and pain of a Herpes outbreak. Studies have proven that Propolis cuts down the recovery time and the severity of the outbreak. Often Herbalists make a balm or ointment that be applied to the affected area. It is essential to use a cotton bud or some kind of applicator to avoid spreading the infection.

Having a friend to talk to about symptoms of the Herpes virus may help to alleviate some of the physical pain, especially with genital Herpes. This is a fully loaded virus, it sticks around, taps into the nerves and strikes at the emotions guilt and shame. Having to hold all of this in and cope with being uncomfortable and run down is a lot to have to carry. There are also support groups around each community where stories can be shared and solutions found.

For a well-rounded and individual Herpes Wellness plan, it is a great idea to consult with a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist. Every infected person will have a slightly different symptom picture and will have different triggers. The best way to avoid the pain of Herpes is to build an impenetrable immune system, which will keep the virus dormant forever. I think of Herpes as a barometer for the host’s health. If the host is strong, in integrity and balanced in mind, body, feeling and spirit, then the virus will have no room to move. However, a glitch in any area and the virus can come alive and revel in the misery in incurs.


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