A Helping Hand To Discover Genital Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

This particular affection is a frequent infection. Genital Herpes has an effect on men as well as on women, and it is determined in most of the cases by the hepex simplex virus. This family of viruses has an important feature. It can stay in a latency state, there for it produces a persistent infection.
The human body is the only virus producer. This type of virus is transmitted through intimate contact with an infected individual. In most cases, the sexual contact with an infected person is what leads to the contraction of the virus.
This type of herpes is a highly infectious disease. It is widely spread all over the world, and the main cause of this phenomenon is because it is highly contagious. The infection, as we mentioned from individuals who have no idea they have the virus in their bodies, because of the latency state this virus can live in.
It mostly happens during sexual activity. Many people are infected and they spread it, which is why you must all be very careful and attentive with the people around you, you must pay attention who you kiss and how well you know that person.
Genital Herpes causes blisters, which are basically open sores in the genital areas of both women and men. The result of the treatment is not curing the infection, but controlling it. According to the recent studies, more than one million people get infected with this awful virus every year.
Those statistics should scare us, because the speed of the spread is high. The rates of infection are high generally among the less educated people, poor people as well as among the individuals using drugs. Also people who have many sexual partners along their lives are exposed to a high Genital Herpes contamination risk.
Most of the people who get infected do not recognize the symptoms, or even stranger, they do not experience any symptoms what so ever. “Fever blisters” as people use to call the genital herpes, can also be transmitted from an infected individual to a healthy individual by kissing. There is one other way Genital Herpes can be transmitted and that is by sexual contact. In that case, the sores resulted from the infection look pretty much the same as the ones in the genital area. These cases are rare, but they exist.
You must also be aware that if any contact is made at the skin level between an infected individual and a healthy one could lead to the contamination of the last one.
There are many people carrying these viruses, and they spread the disease. Many of them do it without even knowing they have such an infection in their body. Those who do have symptoms, often fail to recognize them, even though if present, they are painful and they cannot be ignored, on the contrary, they should be an alarm. That is why we warn you people again: pay attention to other people around you. You might save yourself from awful diseases, such as the genital herpes.


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