Easy Ways to Prevent Genital Herpes

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Sores. Embarrassment. A dormant virus that awakens due to stress and excess sunlight. How do you prevent genital herpes? Well, the easy answer is to never have sex. That’s right, take a vow of celibacy and never have sexual relations with anyone. While that idea may appeal to some, for the rest of us it is simply not an option. So, barring celibacy, how do we avoid contracting genital herpes?

Have a Chat:

Talk to your potential partner. Yes! Talk to him about STDs and getting tested before that fate-filled evening when things are too far along to stop. At that point it is too late. Think of it this way: is it easier to have a conversation about getting tested for something like genital herpes, or is it easier to talk him after you find out he’s given it to you out of sheer lack of knowledge? Better yet, ask yourself what is more important—a moment of fun–or a lifetime without recurring painful and embarrassing sores?

Don’t Do It:

If you think you have symptoms of Genital Herpes or any other sexually transmitted disease, don’t have sex with him! Don’t talk yourself into it and don’t wish the obvious away. Go get tested and get treatment before engaging in something as harmful as sex can be. On the flipside, if he is the one with the symptom, then draw a hard line until he goes and gets tested. Even if the tests are negative, you have still lowered the risks considerably. Along these lines, avoid multiple partners, because that will just double or triple your chances of getting Genital Herpes or something worse.

Do Do It:

Frangers, Dingers, Socks, Wraps, Stretchy Snakeskin or whatever euphemism you use to describe a condom, find ones that you like and use them every single time you have sex. No, they are not foolproof, but they do greatly reduce the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes. Ladies, if he won’t wear one, they do make a female variety, or you can simply say no until he warms up to the idea that putting a hat on jimmy is really not such a bad plan.

To summarize, then, if you are not planning to be celibate, then get tested and avoid anyone who is not tested. Ask the hard questions and be willing to answer them yourself. Then, break out the condoms and use them every time, and when you get bored try pink, purple or glow-in-the-dark. Whatever you do, though, do not fool around with the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease like genital herpes, because there is absolutely no cure only a lifetime of painful recurring sores at the end of that journey.


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