Finding Out About Genital Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

This condition is a common infection. Genital Herpes has an effect on men and on women, and it is determined in most cases by the hepex simplex virus. This family of viruses is an important element. It can remain in a state of latency, because it produces a persistent infection. The human body is the sole producer of virus. This type of virus is transmitted through intimate contact with an infected person. In most cases, sexual contact with an infected person is what led to the contraction of the virus. This type of herpes is a highly infectious disease. There is widespread throughout the world, and the main cause of this phenomenon is because it is highly contagious. The infection, as we mentioned individuals who have no idea they have the virus in their bodies, because of the state of latency this virus can live It occurs primarily during sexual intercourse. Many people are infected and their spread, which is why you should all be very cautious and careful with people around you, you must pay attention to you and kiss you know how well that person. Genital Herpes causes blisters, which are essentially open sores in the genital areas of women and men. The result of treatment does not cure the infection, but control it. According to recent studies, more than one million people are infected with this terrible virus each year. These statistics should frighten us, because the rate of spread is high. Infection rates are generally higher among the least educated, the poor and among individuals of drugs. Also people who have many sexual partners during their lives are exposed to Genital Herpes high risk of contamination. Most people who are infected do not recognize the symptoms, or even abroad, they do not suffer symptoms contained therein forever. “Fever blisters” as people use to call genital herpes, can also be transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person by kissing. It is another way Genital Herpes can be transmitted and it is through sexual contact. In this case, injuries resulting from infection look roughly the same as those in the genital area. Such cases are rare, but they exist. You should also be aware that if a contact is established at the skin between an infected person and good health could lead to contamination of the latter. There are a lot of people wearing these viruses, and they spread the disease. Many of them do not even know they have such an infection in their bodies. Those who have symptoms, often fail to recognize them, even if though present, they are painful and they can not be ignored, on the contrary, they should be an alarm. That is why we warn you that people still pay attention to other people around you. You can put your name terrible diseases such as genital herpes.


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