Genital Herpes Blisters – Why Blisters Must Be Dealt With Carefully

October 29, 2009 by admin 

After having been transferred from the carrier to the new host, herpes virus will first undergo a period called incubation that usually lasts from two up to ten days. After incubation period, it is possible that the virus will become dormant or “latent” for a long period of time, often weeks but there were cases that it lasts for years before showing any activity. If this case happens, the virus inside the body, as if in a deep state of sleep, is just waiting for the right time to emerge and take its toll.

Before an outbreak a certain instance may precede the actual manifestation of sores. It is called a prodrome wherein a person may experience a distinctive tingling and itchy feeling in the exact area where the blister or sore will come out. Prodrome will be felt 2-4 days in advance prior to the actual outbreak occurrence.

The initial outbreak will first produce what will appear as a tiny red bump that will have its concentration around the genital area. These tiny red bumps will then eventually form blisters that may vary in characteristic from itchy to a painful one. It is very important to treat these blisters with care.

What’s inside the Blister?

The logic behind handling the Genital Herpes blister with care is just very simple. Break it and the infection will transfer to its adjacent areas where the fluid coming from inside the blister had its way. Because of the highly contagious and infectious behavior of this virus, the part of the skin where the fluid from the blister passes will be easily infected.

Other Dangers

Aside from infecting its path, the fluid that goes out of the blister is also very dangerous to touch. Genital herpes, despite the name cannot only infect the genitals but it has also the ability to infect other areas of the body as well. Other than the genitals it may spread to other parts of the body like:

The odds of infecting other parts of the body from a broken blister are very high. It is advised that if possible, do not touch the infected area of the genitals with bare hands. If touching it is inevitable, immediate washing of hands with warm water before touching it to other parts of the body is also highly recommended.

Full avoidance of Genital Herpes blisters is necessary. If possible do not engage in any sexual activities when having an outbreak. The danger of breaking the blisters while having sex is great and the possibility of spreading the infection is also great. Having an outbreak and having sex at the same time is a perfect recipe for destruction. Remember that the more blisters you break, the more chances of spreading the infection you have. Blister-less sex is always safe and more enjoyable!

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