Genital Herpes Burden – How to Deal With Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Current records show a shocking ratio. One in every five Americans was already infected by herpes and many still were unaware of it. If this situation will continue the ratio will significantly rise to a more alarming stage. As of now, as many as sixty thousand more adds up to the list of infected persons annually and the most troubling fact is that, the majority of the infected are teenagers, the age group wherein their sexual capacity and urge is at its peak.

Great Concern

Why on earth the virus had been able to spread at this very alarming rate? The answer is very clear. Genital herpes virus can go unnoticed even with the infected person himself. The latency of this virus contributes to almost every new known infection. A person may become infected because of this virus attribute. Latency period vary from person to person, some took only days or weeks before a symptom may occur but on most cases, a symptom will not occur for years!

An infected person by that time had already had many sexual partners especially if he/she is very sexually active. Chances are majority of those who become sexual partner of an infected person that go unprotected may already be infected, and they too can carry on the spread without them knowing. This is how cunning this virus is. For the unsuspecting victim, only an outbreak will prove that he/she is already on the infected list.

Breaking the Chain

In every problem there is a solution as the saying goes. This is also true with genital herpes, an infection that is notoriously known to be very clandestine. Though this virus has already gained some respect when it comes to its secret transmission ability, there is still a possible way on how to get out of trouble. Here it is:

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