Genital Herpes – Do you Get It If your Partner Has Cold Sores?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Herpes affects many of us. All of us want to protect ourselves. The problem is the anxiety about getting Genital Herpes if the partner shows no signs, but is a carrier? What if he/she had contacted cold sores in the childhood? Will you get genital herpes? Let us find out.

Genital herpes- basics

Here are few basics about genital herpes. It can be caused by virus type 1 that causes cold sores. Most of the carriers are in a phase when they show no outward sign but shed the virus (asymptomatic phase). After contacting herpes, you will become infected but may show no symptoms for years. Unfortunately you may suspect a different partner when you get the eruption. The earlier one that gave you herpes is only in the memory. Many of us believe that Genital Herpes is only caused by virus type2. This is not true. Let me put it like this. If you have genital herpes, it is difficult for your partner to get cold sores. But if you have cold sores, your partner can easily get genital herpes.

Genital herpes- about the habit of the virus

The herpes virus behaves in a typical manner. as soon as you contact herpes, the virus begins multiplying. You may get a severe eruption of herpes or a very mild. After treatment the virus goes to sleep. Because of certain reasons, the virus goes back to the skin. The trigger may be- stress, illness, lowered immunity etc. After going back to the skin, the virus erupts again and shows herpes on the skin. It gets treated again and goes back to sleep to return after some time. To know more about herpes- click here- Herpes Simplex

Even if your partner shows no signs of herpes, if he/she is an active carrier of cold sores or virus type2, you may get infected. Only screening will tell you about the status of your partner. Please protect yourself from genital herpes.

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