Genital Herpes Home Treatment – - Proven Ways to Deal With Genital Herpes

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, otherwise known as the Herpes Simplex Virus 2, or HSV2. It is estimated that around 1 in 6 Americans currently carry the Genital Herpes virus.
If you have been recently diagnosed with genital herpes, you probably know that there is still no known cure for this virus. As depressing as that is, what many people do not know is that herpes is a very controllable and treatable diet. Home treatments can really help keep outbreaks at bay, and can be used as an alternative to prescription drugs, or just a way to boost the effectiveness of prescribed treatments.
The virus lays dormant in the body, even when not causing symptoms, and waits for a trigger to cause an outbreak. An outbreak can be caused by stress, sickness, poor diet, vast changes in temperature (such as a heatwave, cold snap or going on holidays to a different climate) and many other factors that vary from person to person.
This does not mean though that people with Genital Herpes should just suffer the rest of their lives from the symptoms and outbreaks of this disease. Because though there is no cure for genital herpes, its symptoms can be easily managed.
The key in dealing with Genital Herpes effectively is to avoid outbreaks. There are people with Genital Herpes who have not had outbreaks in years. They have been able to this with the help of a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. There are several home treatments that can be done to help avoid outbreaks and deal with it if they occur. Below are a couple of genital herpes home treatment tips that can help anyone suffering from genital herpes.
1. Good diet. The best genital herpes home treatment is food. Diet can play an important role in the control of outbreaks. Individuals with herpes should eat a lot of cranberries, broccoli, cabbage and brussels because these foods are known to effectively control genital herpes outbreaks.
2. Natural topical treatments. If outbreaks do occur you can use all-natural topical treatments such as honey, aloe vera, red marine algae, tea tree oil and eucalyptus. All of these herbal remedies have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect that can diminish the pain and itching associated with outbreaks. You can purchase these ingredients individually, or you can get a homeopathic blend of several concentrated natural treatments from a naturopath or homeopathic practioner.
3. High lysine, low arganine. Lysine is a natural fighter of genital herpes and one of the best genital herpes home treatments. You can get lysine in pill form from health food stores, and one a day will really keep outbreaks away. It is also dynamite for avoiding cold sores. Arganine is the nasty amino acid that helps outbreaks flourish, and is found in sugary and fatty foods. Cut high arginine foods out of your diet to stop outbreaks from taking hold.
By just following these three genital herpes home treatment tips you can go a long way towards curbing and reducing the frequency of herpes outbreaks. As time goes on and the nutrient levels in your body change, your outbreaks will occur less frequently and be less severe and long lasting when they do.


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