Genital Herpes Know-How – How to Identify Cold Sores and Genital Warts

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As we all know, infection invades our body if our immune system is weak. Everyday our body is under attack from different kinds of bacteria that would like to make our body their host. Once they are inside our body they would live there and propagate until they reach certain proportions enough to create a staggering effect on our system if they could not be controlled immediately. Their mundane presence and continued activity inside our body shall manifest through infections and diseases. Even without symptoms, as in the case of Genital Herpes (HSV-2) virus, as long as they are there inside the body they will always be a threat.

Pinning Down the Threat

The first thing that enters our psyche when we are diagnosed to have a certain kind of infection is to deal with it squarely. More often than not, there is always a dilemma that accompanies every known disease and infection. The most common among the multitude of looming quandaries is the question that begins in “what”. What is this disease? What should be done to treat this? What chances do I have to become healed completely? And so on. These set of questions more often causes an overwhelming worry towards the victim.

Well dealing with infections especially the stubborn ones like cold sores and Genital Warts, depends solely on how the person perceives it and secondly, how effective is the treatment that was administered to counter the effects of the disease. The healing process follows.

To have a better understanding of these two most common diseases right now, here are some facts:

Cold Sores

It is an infection that affects the mouth and its adjacent surroundings, hence the name oral herpes. The virus that causes it is HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus type-1. It is a closely-related virus to HSV-2, the one that causes genital herpes. Distinct characteristics of this infection include:

When you are suspecting that you are had become vulnerable to this infection and saw these signs coming out, you know what to do. Go to your doctor right away.

Genital Warts (Condyloma)

It is another kind of infection that has caught the attention of specialists worldwide because of its rapidly increasing cases nowadays. This disease contributes from 10%-20% of the total number of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) on the United States alone. These characterize this infection:

These infections may not become visible immediately. It’ll take weeks, months or even years for the symptom to come out but the danger of having an outbreak anytime is there. If after having an unprotected sexual bout you suspect that something might be up, seek expert medical help immediately.

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