Genital Herpes – More Than Crazy Little Thing

October 29, 2009 by admin 

As we all know, Genital Herpes is a very widely spread disease of the genital area. Infection caused by it is messy and highly contagious. It affects both women and men, and it is transmitted usually through sexual contact, as well as through other ways.
It can be transmitted through direct contact with contaminated items, like towels, panties,and toilet seats. It can also be transmitted through kissing and in rare cases through oral sexual contact.
It can be transmitted like that because these particular types of viruses can survive outside their natural environments, even for whole minutes, so be careful what is it that you touch, try on, or when you use public restrooms!
Many of the individuals who carry the disease present no symptoms at all. That is highly dangerous because it cannot warn the healthy individuals about its existence. A large number of people get infected every year, because they ignore the symptoms or because they do not present any.
Incubation period of the virus is between three to seven days after the exposure. Usually, the first infection is violent, severe and it has extended evolution, or it can present no symptoms at all, depending on the reactivity of the patient and the individual immune response.
Genital Herpes is manifested at the genital level, where small bags of liquid show up, which later transform into open sores. Before the clinical lesions appear, the patient can feel local burns, itches, and sometimes-purulent surfaces.
After two to four days, the grouped blisters break and they transform into painful ulcerations. These ulcerations ca extend and the pustules covered with crusts can cover big surfaces of the skin.
As we mentioned, this infection affects both women and men, no matter what type of sexual activity they develop. People who practice anal sex can get lesions at the anus level. Women however can experience a great amount of pain if the virus is located at the urethra level. Stinging and burning feelings will definitely bother the infected woman, and this condition shall need immediate treatment.
Headaches or cold, even fever, these are few of the symptoms, which can be produced by the exposure to this virus. The lesions caused by it can sometimes spread to the haunches. For treatment of the condition there are anti-viral medicines, which shorten the evolution and reduces the severity of the infection.
Unfortunately, until present days, the specialists could not develop a treatment to prevent the latency state of the virus. Also there is no such remedy for permanent removal of the virus from the human organism. The virus can only be controlled.
Extended treatment in time has proven to be effective for preventing the frequency of the recurrence of the genital herpes, as well as for reducing the infection level. The anti-viral treatment must be proceeded for up to fourteen days, and if the lesions of the skin do not heal after this period of time, the treatment can be extended for seven more days.
What really counts is seeing a doctor in the matter and not leaving the condition unattended, and, most important thing of all, protection for preventing the contamination.


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