Genital Warts And Genital Herpes Treatment

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Both Genital Warts and Genital Herpes are sexually transmitted diseases that cause eruptions to appear on the genital area.  These eruptions are not life threatening and can be treated by a myriad of different products.  They are contagious and can be spread to a partner when they are dormant or when they are apparent.  Both conditions are incurable and are caused by a virus that stays dormant in the system. 


Genital Herpes treatment consists of using topical creams to get rid of the blisters that are a result of an outbreak of the virus.  Most people have the Herpes I virus, which results in fever blisters around the mouth area.  This is not the same as the Herpes II virus that results in genital herpes.  However, Genital Herpes treatment is similar for that which is used to treat fever blisters.  The purpose is to get rid of the painful blisters so that they heal quickly and make a person feel more comfortable.  While Genital Herpes treatment cannot get rid of the virus itself that causes herpes, it can get rid of the sores that are a result of an outbreak.


Genital Warts are caused by a different type of virus.  Unlike the blisters from herpes, they are not painful but appear as hard bumps on the skin around the genital area.  They are usually flesh colored, but can also be flat and red.  They take a longer time to heal than the blisters that come from herpes.  Some people will go to the doctor to have these warts removed, much like someone would go to the doctor to get warts from their hands or fingers removed. 


There are topical creams that can get rid of the warts that come from Genital Warts.  These creams work to attack the warts and get them to go away without having to get them frozen or burned off at the office of a doctor.  As is the case with Genital Herpes treatment, these topical creams do not get rid of the virus that causes the warts.  Those who get genital warts will most likely get them again, although how often they have outbreaks of the warts depends upon the individual.  As is the case with herpes, some people report more frequent outbreaks than others. 


Because they are uncomfortable and can easily be spread through sexual contact or even skin to skin contact, it is important to get some treatment to get rid of skin eruptions that are caused by herpes or result in warts.  Using a topical cream is the best solution because there are no side effects to the cream and it can be used safely to rid the body of these unsightly and, in the case of herpes, painful skin eruptions.  Those who suffer from warts in the genital area or genital herpes should look for a topical cream that will treat the condition.  You can find both wart and genital herpes treatment online when it comes to seeking out topical creams. 



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