Health After Genital Herpes – Herpes and Complications

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Immune System and HSV

It is said that HSV viruses once contracted can nowhere to be treated. It is really true cause this virus will find its way through nerve cell ganglions and live there unnoticed. Nerve cells under the skin proved to be the perfect hiding place for this virus because it is the only place in our body where our immune system cannot reach and therefore safe for this virus to live, for our lifetime.

Our immune system works as a virus and infection tracker and fighter. It tracks down viruses and once identified as an enemy will be eliminated automatically. However, herpes virus was so smart enough to hide itself perfectly out of reach of our immune system and that makes it virtually indestructible, in other words, incurable.

Since the virus can stay there for a lifetime, the danger of having herpes outbreaks every now and then cannot at all be avoided, the first outbreak being the most painful and annoying.

Unpleasant Complications

Despite the grueling experience an infected person may encounter while having a¬†genital herpes¬†outbreak, there is still one thing they must be thankful of. Except for some very rare and severest conditions, herpes don’t have any serious complications. Certainly complications cannot be alienated from a certain disease but only minor and situational ones can be attributed to herpes infection. The most noticeable herpes-related complications are:

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