Living with Genital Herpes and Precautions

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Living with Genital Herpes means that you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle that other people never have to deal with. With a bit of positive thinking you’ll be able to live a normal lifestyle while still keeping some things in mind. Since Genital Herpes is extremely contagious there are some precautions that you’ll want to take so that you don’t affect anyone else around you. The most important thing that you can do is avoid touching the sore. If for some reason you happen to touch the sore you need to wash your hands right away with soap and water. After you accidentally touch the sore make sure that you keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, eyes, or genitals. You want to make sure that the infection doesn’t spread. Another thing that you can do is avoid touching someone else’s skin with your own while you have an outbreak of herpes. You can continue to be affectionate with those people in your life by hugging, holding, and kissing. If you also suffer from cold sores make sure that you refrain from kissing during an outbreak.

Always make sure that you use a condom, even when you’re in between outbreaks since the herpes infection is always present even if it’s not apparent. After all, this is how those herpes outbreaks keep coming back. Stay in regular contact with your doctor so that your medical records are kept up to date. If you have any questions or concerns about the herpes virus make sure that you talk to your doctor so that you’re as informed as possible about your medical condition. The more that you know about what is happening to your body the more positive you’ll feel that you’re part of the solution. There are new and better medications that are being discovered each year that your doctor will be able to make you aware of.


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