Organic Genital Herpes Treatments Show Great Promise

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that in the United States, one of every five teenagers and/or adults is infected with genital herpes.

With the alarming numbers, the medical world is more pressed to develop effective cures for the disease. The challenge lies in creating a formula that will not only eliminate the visible symptoms, but will also eliminate the virus responsible for the disease in a fast and effective way. That is, by addressing its unique biological characteristics through the use of potent substances.

Caused by the second type of HSV, or herpes simplex virus II, the outbreak of this disease can appear within two weeks after one becomes infected, and can last for several weeks. Symptoms include a tingling sensation or the appearance of small red bumps that will later develop into small blisters and itchy, painful lesions. The location depends on the body parts through which the virus has entered, such as the genitals, the buttocks or thighs, or inside the vagina and on the cervix for women.

As these are highly sensitive regions, individuals suffering from the disease need to be extra cautious about the products to use. HSV is a virus that can be quite tricky to combat, after all. Following the initial outbreak, the virus can lodge deep beneath the epidermis, move down to the sensory nerves, become latent (causing the patient to slip into complacency), and go active again in a cycle of two to 21 days.

Thankfully, plant-based formulations are showing great potential in combating the disease, and the virus that causes it. With lipophilic and anti-viral properties, extracts and oils from natural sources are easily absorbed by the body, strengthens the immune system and totally eliminates the herpes virus.

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