OTC Garbage Advice About Genital Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The creams, serums, salves, lotions and potions that claim to either reduce the severity of a Genital Herpes outbreak or flat-out cure a virus inside your body from the outside are….flat-out lies.Pills and potions can not cure anything. They never have. There is absolutely nothing that can cure your body of so much as a common cold…except your body itself. That is the process, that is the way your body works.They will tell you to try our NEW AND IMPROVED lotion or potion – but you must stop smoking, stop eating, stop salivating…and probably stop breathing for a period of time…in order for our new and improved lotion or potion to work. You may be desperate, but you know that is a load of bs.Want more lies?If you kiss a person who has Herpes Simplex II on the lips (and this person is having an active genital outbreak), you can not catch that particular virus. If you kiss someone who has any form of herpes, you are severely at risk of being infected. And even though you did not have sex with that person, his saliva contained active Herpes Simplex II viruii and now you have blisters on your bottom. You have contracted Genital Herpes without a clue as to how it happened.But because you believe what you have heard, you think that your last partner from 6 months ago must have infected you, even though he/she has no signs of Genital Herpes at all.Then we come to the next LIE!Well, that person must have been a carrier. A carrier is a person who has no outward symptoms of a specific disease (and never has had a herpes outbreak) but is able to pass it to others. That hasn’t happened since Typhoid Mary was forcibly extricated from her home in 1907. The most interesting part of her story, from 102 years ago, is that her employer at the time, was a prominent banker, and he was unaffected…but his children all died. Also important to note is that Typhoid Mary sent stool samples (over 120) to an independent lab and they ALL came back negative. While her prosecutor, found a lab that found typhoid in 3/4ths of the samples she was forced to give to him.The Typhoid Mary scenario was a lie. Her elitist banker employer’s family¬† was deliberately infected…but not by Mary. Such is our history. We are only ever told half of the real truth.Want the truth about Herpes Simplex II?Then stop listening to pill-pushers who have no desire that you get rid of Herpes Simplex II once and for all!Flood your body, cells and tissues with life-giving oxygen so that disease can never breed in your body.All major scientific breakthroughs go through three stages. First they are ridiculed, then violently opposed, then they are accepted as being self-evident all along.


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