Remedies For Genital Herpes – Control and Eliminate the Symptoms of Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

If you think your life is ruined after being diagnosed with genital herpes, think again. Genital Herpes is not the life sentence it once was, and it does not mean your life is over, and it certainly doesn’t mean your sex life is over! There are now many safe and effective remedies available that enables those inflicted the disease to live a normal, healthy and happy life.
Being diagnosed with Genital Herpes can be a harrowing experience, and may cause psychological symptoms that are often ignored. These symptoms can be depression, anxiety and self-loathing, fear of sex, fear of masturbation, and fear of intimacy.
This is normal of course. But what these individuals must realize is that they can easily take control of their conditions and of their lives through the various remedies for Genital Herpes available. These remedies are not limited to prescription drugs, and include natural treatments, herbal treatments and special diets.
The key to dealing with herpes is to be able to manage the symptoms associated with it and to control the number and frequency of breakouts. With proper and effective treatments, breakouts can be eliminated or at least be controlled. With knowledge of the different remedies for Genital Herpes available to them, people with this disease can take back their lives so to speak.
The first thing to do if you suspect that you have herpes is to go to a doctor immediately. This is because only a doctor can truly say if you really are infected or not. After determining that you truly have the virus what the doctor will most probably do is prescribe some strong anti-viral medication for you. Depending on the severity of your conditions, you may have to take these medicines several times a week to maybe even several times every day. Anti-viral medications are usually effective in controlling the symptoms of Genital Herpes and greatly help in stopping the spread of the disease.
Many people are starting to embrace natural treatments for genital herpes, mainly due to the unwanted side effects some people experience with the strong anti virals. There are several natural and homeopathic treatments available today that can be very effective, are gentle on the body, and are a fraction of the cost of the expensive prescription treatments.
Some ingredients you may find in natural treatments include Zinc, which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce severity and frequency of outbreaks. Lysine is also very common, which inhibits the virus from multiplying. Aloe vera is used to stimulate the immune system, and Melissa Officinalis is also a common ingredient as it comes down like a hammer on outbreaks, as it is a very strong natural anti-viral.
If you are looking to try natural remedies for genital herpes, there are a few options. Many treatments are available cheaply online, or you can schedule an appointment with a naturopath or natural medicine practitioner, who will formulate a treatment especially for you, based on your symptoms and frequency of outbreaks.


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