The Latest Genital Herpes Treatments

October 29, 2009 by admin 

There is no current cure for genital herpes. However, for millions of people with genital herpes, there is a treatment that is proven to dramatically decrease the number of outbreaks a person gets. This latest Genital Herpes treatment is Valtrex. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer, or think you suffer from Herpes, now is the time to act. Get tested by your doctor, then ask her about using once-daily Valtrex as a possible proactive treatment regimen.

What are the Symptoms?

Before convincing you to get tested and try the latest Genital Herpes treatment, it is important that you understand the symptoms so that you are not subjected to the same myths that continue to help perpetuate this disease. Genital Herpes is more than a blister; in fact, it is a virus that remains dormant in the spine after each outbreak. Most often, people with herpes get the commonly known sore, but sometimes an outbreak is little more than tingling, redness and maybe some bumps. So, if you think you may have it, get tested and get treatment.

Is Valtrex the Only Medication on the Market?

While Valtrex is certainly one of the latest Genital Herpes treatments to hit the mainstream, it is not the only medication available. There are a number of treatments available: These include acyclovir, Zovirax famciclovir, Famvir and valacyclovir. However, Valtrex is one of the only drugs currently available that is taken everyday. Because of this, it has a greater success rate when it comes to decreasing the number of recurrences.

What are the Side Effects?

Unfortunately, even one of the latest Genital Herpes treatment, is not without side effects. This is because it is a medication and, like any other drug, sometimes reacts adversely in certain body types. With this in mind, be aware that Valtrex is only intended for patients with a healthy immune system, which includes patients with advanced HIV disease. Also, be sure to inform your doctor should you suffer from kidney problems, because it may be necessary to alter your dosage accordingly.

No, there is no cure for herpes. However, with the latest genital herpes treatment, it is now possible to live a life that is outbreak free. Can you imagine? No more embarrassing and painful sores, which means no more time fidgeting in your chair at work or trying to pick out an outfit that is comfortable when nothing truly is? For this kind of freedom, contact your doctor today and ask her about Valtrex.

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